Friday, March 13, 2015

On a train home tonight...

...a little girl was standing right next to me. She was with a large group of people (I'm assuming a family of tourists.)

One of the women she was with said, "Maya, when the train stops next, you have to move and sit down and give the people around you more space."

I was pretty much the only person standing near the kid, so I said, "Oh, she's fine!"

The mom looked at Maya and said, "Wow, you just met a really nice person!"

Maya then looked up at me and said, "Someday is TODAY."

That was the most profound thing I had heard all day.

I had just gotten off the phone regarding something I have been waiting for to happen and have been thinking about a lot.

We're always looking ahead at "someday."

But someday has to be a day like any others first, doesn't it?

Maya then said to me, "Your hair looks BEAUTIFUL."

(Maya's awesome.)

I told her that her hair was beautiful, too, and she gave me a full description of how her mom did her complicated wraparound braid.

(She's lucky she can pull that off. I just look like a young girl fleeing war-torn Poland when I try.)

Only in New York.

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