Saturday, September 27, 2014

I had a moment on my walk to work recently...

I was walking to work and saw a little girl in my old school uniform from when I went to Catholic school on Bleecker street.
She had the little sweater on with the school name on it.
I said, "I went to grammar school there!" and then the woman who she was with (I am assuming she was her nanny from Russia or somewhere near it) just starts going on and on out of NOWHERE to the little girl in her heavy accent: "You see? She was once just a little girl like you going to the same school! And now look at her! She is this beautiful woman conquering the world because she followed her dreams! And one day, you'll see a little girl wearing your old uniform and you'll tell her you were once a little girl like her going to the same school! And then you went on to do so many great things, because this is America and you can do anything!"
And then after we parted ways, I almost just burst into tears because it was so sweet and completely random to get an indirect pep talk from a total stranger who doesn't know anything about me.
Sometimes you just really really need something like that to happen.
I'm very hard on myself, and have had people in my life who are also very hard on me...and then a total stranger who doesn't know me says I am conquering the world!
The Universe always knows exactly what it is doing.