Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Ripple Effect...

I make the fact that I attend a weekly "positive thinking" class no secret at all.

It's rubbed off on me...a lot.

We often talk about changing your vibration, thus changing the vibrations of everybody around you and, in turn, hello, changing the world.

The other morning, I got onto the elevator in my office building. There's only one elevator and it's a slow elevator. (The building has built in mouthwash dispensers in the bathrooms, but really slow elevators that break down a lot. Welcome to New York.)

I'm always early for work and usually alone in my trip to the sixth floor every morning. I saw a lady walking into our building right after I stepped into the elevator, and I held the door open--all of 20 seconds (if that!) for her to get there. If I didn't, she'd have to wait for the next one.

That could be months.

She gave me a puzzled look and said, "...were you WAITING for ME?"

"Yes, I was."

She said, "You are SO NICE. That was so nice. I think I'm going to have a lucky day now."

Okay, I'm a sensitive one. That almost made me cry a bit.

A part of me was upset. Is the general population THAT rude that they can't be bothered to hold an elevator for somebody?

But I mostly thought this encounter was wonderful and I hope that lady had the luckiest and happiest day she'd had in her life.

I walked down the hall to my office feeling like it was going to be my lucky day as well.

It was really easy--why don't we all do things like that all the time?

Diana Rissetto