Friday, January 31, 2014

The other morning,in the street...

I overheard one older woman say to another that ANYBODY who works in New York City clearly makes six figures (or close to it).

I have had numerous jobs in New York City, and I have never made anywhere near that.

I told these two ladies that (since, of course, I have my lifelong knack of talking to total strangers in the street.)

One of these nice older ladies tousled my hair (because when you have a ton of long, curly hair, people feel the need to do that to you without asking) and said:

"But you're really pretty! So it's okay that you don't!"

I'm not sure if she was advocating prostitution, marrying well or pursuing reality television.

But, I feel a lot better now.

Because I don't need money.

Because I'm really pretty.

Diana Rissetto

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