Saturday, September 27, 2014

I had a moment on my walk to work recently...

I was walking to work and saw a little girl in my old school uniform from when I went to Catholic school on Bleecker street.
She had the little sweater on with the school name on it.
I said, "I went to grammar school there!" and then the woman who she was with (I am assuming she was her nanny from Russia or somewhere near it) just starts going on and on out of NOWHERE to the little girl in her heavy accent: "You see? She was once just a little girl like you going to the same school! And now look at her! She is this beautiful woman conquering the world because she followed her dreams! And one day, you'll see a little girl wearing your old uniform and you'll tell her you were once a little girl like her going to the same school! And then you went on to do so many great things, because this is America and you can do anything!"
And then after we parted ways, I almost just burst into tears because it was so sweet and completely random to get an indirect pep talk from a total stranger who doesn't know anything about me.
Sometimes you just really really need something like that to happen.
I'm very hard on myself, and have had people in my life who are also very hard on me...and then a total stranger who doesn't know me says I am conquering the world!
The Universe always knows exactly what it is doing.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Jewel had a good song for such a situation like this...

So please be careful with me, I'm sensitive
And I'd like to stay that way.
I am so sensitive.
However, in being so sensitive, I am also very sensitive and empathetic to other people's feelings.
It goes both ways.
This is who I am!
I'm extremely hurt at somebody that I really care about right now (and that I thought cared about me) and I am resisting the urge to write a very upset email.
It won't do any good...those kind of emails never do any good. I have also tried that trick where you write a letter and rip it out. I have never found that to be helpful at all.
But right now, I am hurt and I want that person to know how very much they have hurt me.
I am also realizing that this person will likely not care at all if I tell them off.
A few years ago, somebody I was close to was horribly betrayed by their spouse. Somebody said to me that I must have felt stupid, considering I was always so nice to the spouse. (I'm nice to everybody.)
My immediate response was...why would I EVER feel stupid about being NICE to a person?
I would, however, look back and regret not being nice to somebody.
I still stand by that.
I can look back and think of all the intentionally hurtful things I have done in my life. I can't think of many times when I have actually done anything to hurt somebody.
I can turn off my light every night and know I was usually my nicest and most often did the right thing, and I'd rather be like me than like one of those people that can somehow manage going through life blissfully unaware that they have hurt someone.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Ripple Effect...

I make the fact that I attend a weekly "positive thinking" class no secret at all.

It's rubbed off on me...a lot.

We often talk about changing your vibration, thus changing the vibrations of everybody around you and, in turn, hello, changing the world.

The other morning, I got onto the elevator in my office building. There's only one elevator and it's a slow elevator. (The building has built in mouthwash dispensers in the bathrooms, but really slow elevators that break down a lot. Welcome to New York.)

I'm always early for work and usually alone in my trip to the sixth floor every morning. I saw a lady walking into our building right after I stepped into the elevator, and I held the door open--all of 20 seconds (if that!) for her to get there. If I didn't, she'd have to wait for the next one.

That could be months.

She gave me a puzzled look and said, "...were you WAITING for ME?"

"Yes, I was."

She said, "You are SO NICE. That was so nice. I think I'm going to have a lucky day now."

Okay, I'm a sensitive one. That almost made me cry a bit.

A part of me was upset. Is the general population THAT rude that they can't be bothered to hold an elevator for somebody?

But I mostly thought this encounter was wonderful and I hope that lady had the luckiest and happiest day she'd had in her life.

I walked down the hall to my office feeling like it was going to be my lucky day as well.

It was really easy--why don't we all do things like that all the time?

Diana Rissetto

Friday, January 31, 2014

The other morning,in the street...

I overheard one older woman say to another that ANYBODY who works in New York City clearly makes six figures (or close to it).

I have had numerous jobs in New York City, and I have never made anywhere near that.

I told these two ladies that (since, of course, I have my lifelong knack of talking to total strangers in the street.)

One of these nice older ladies tousled my hair (because when you have a ton of long, curly hair, people feel the need to do that to you without asking) and said:

"But you're really pretty! So it's okay that you don't!"

I'm not sure if she was advocating prostitution, marrying well or pursuing reality television.

But, I feel a lot better now.

Because I don't need money.

Because I'm really pretty.

Diana Rissetto