Sunday, March 10, 2013

Part 543 of "My GOSH, that Peter Cincotti is spectacularly talented!"

Yes, I go on and on about how great this guy is. No, I'm not his publicist, or a family member, even though I'm pretty sure Peter assumes I am a cousin because who ELSE would that friendly, enthusiastic, Italian-American-looking brunette he sees at all his New York shows BE?

I was going to pass on Tuesday night's concert at the Highline, but then two things happened...1.) I was hired on the spot for a new job that afternoon and realized I should celebrate and 2.) I realized I just wanted to see him perform. Because it's Peter Cincotti. And, although I saw him just a month ago, every show is greater than the last.

On my way into the concert, there was a couple with a young boy doing math puzzles. I overheard the woman say to the kid, "You know our Peter Cincotti story, right?" The young boy didn't look terribly interested, but said that he did, and I said, "I would love to hear your Peter Cincotti story!"

It turns-out this couple got ENGAGED at a Peter Cincotti show (at the Algonquin Hotel) over ten  years ago! Peter (and I) were merely teenagers back then.

I have no idea why, but I found that story delightful and wonderful and told them so. Just like I usually do, I made friends with this family. I mentioned my new job, and the lady commented that I had reason to celebrate at Peter's show that night, and I told her that, unfortunately, I probably wouldn't be getting engaged that evening.

She glanced over at her son and apologized that he wasn't old enough for me.

The following happened a couple of years ago, and in typical Jersey boy/girl fashion, the story made numerous appearances on my Facebook feed...

Here is Bruce Springsteen crashing an engagement photoshoot.

With all due respect to the Boss, Peter Cincotti performing at one's engagement trumps all else. Seriously.

I didn't talk to this couple after the show (which was, of course, always...but everybody is, I am sure, tired of my rave reviews of this guy), but I hope when they heard his voice live, they remembered that special day over a decade a go.

Since it's too late for Peter's song "Forever and Always" to be played at their wedding, I would like to suggest that Peter play this song at my own wedding (whenever that might be.)

At the concert, I was standing next to several young people who were clearly friends of Peter and their enthusiasm over each number was absolutely lovely and very contagious. Now, I have had several of my original plays produced. I am never onstage, but pacing in the back, waiting and praying for people to laugh. I have been blessed with many extremely supportive and enthusiastic friends of my own, who come to cheer me on at every play, but, unfortunately,  it's not appropriate to go too wild with cheers and hoots and hollers during  a play. (If any of my friends are reading this, please attempt to cheer crazily during actual scenes my next play. This might sound out-of-place if it's the one about the Holocaust, but let's see what you can do. Thank you.) The energy of Peter's friends made me smile, especially since they've probably been cheering so wildly for him ever since around the time that lovely couple got engaged at the Algonquin.

And who can blame them? Personal connection to the young man or not, he's just so good! So, so, so GOOD.

Diana Rissetto