Thursday, February 28, 2013

Maybe he's right...

I have a very wise (so wise beyond his years that I often forget he's actually a few months younger than me) friend that I've known for several years and we have gone through some very specific, odd things together, and have spent a lot of time with each other. I got used to having this guy just a few feet away from me all day, and when that situation ended, it was a bit of an adjustment for me to make, but friends like that never really leave you.

A couple of weeks ago, he lectured me. He lectures a lot. And even if he might not feel like I always listen to him and take his advice, I do. I definitely do.

It's not a secret to anybody that knows me that the past few years? Have had some severe ups-and-downs. And, many times, I admit, I have wondered, "If I am REALLY as funny and talented and smart and great and cute as everybody seems to TELL me I am, WHY ISN'T IT ANY EASIER? People who aren't all those things seem to have it all! The great jobs! The houses! The relationships!"

While I have never right-out said this to him, I think he knows that's what's going through my head, and he said something to me that I admit I wrote down and plan to reread frequently whenever I'm feeling discouraged.

"Do you think your life is supposed to be EASIER because you're brilliant and creative and can do something (write, not sing) SO WELL? NO! Life is going to be HARDER because you're like that. Life is going to be SCARIER."

I thought about that for a long time. I'm still thinking about it. I'm pretty sure he's right. (Plus, it's always nice when somebody whose opinion you highly value tells you you're brilliant and talented.)

I think everything is going to be more than okay.

Diana Rissetto

There is a reason why...

...Prince William always WAS, hands-down, my favorite Windsor boy, but now I equally love both brothers.

And that reason is photos like this:

Prince Harry is dancing with deaf children.

This girl named after his mom approves!

Diana Rissetto