Monday, February 4, 2013

This boy is on fire...

If you were to stumble upon on any of the ramblings I have posted on Peter Cincotti here over the past six years, your thought might be, "How cool that Peter Cincotti's grandmother blogs! She has to be well in her 80's!"

I can't help it...when it comes to Peter Cincotti, I say things like, "He is SUCH a lovely and talented young man...(I always say "young man" instead of "guy"...doesn't it just sound so much better?) I am so proud of him!" (even though I do not know him.)

When I was in college, I first heard that velvety voice. Like myself, Peter was an Italian-American kid from New York City, and, also like myself, he lost his dad as a teenager (and documented his emotions in a song). I believe it was when I read an interview with him in which he said something like, "I wish I was around in the 1940's when people would go-out to dinner and wear nice hats" when I knew that this was definitely somebody I was going to be a fan of for a long, long time. Peter's song "Cinderella Beautiful" has a line about not liking Christmas...and that inspired me to write the play which would become my off-Broadway debut. I love when things come full circle, and the beauty of writing anything and releasing it into the world is never knowing who you are going to inspire.

Peter performed at Le Poisson Rouge on Friday night. It's down-the-block from my elementary school and a very fun spot in the Village.  (And if there must be a "two item minimum" for a concert, I'm just glad there's also really good mac 'n cheese on the menu.)

As I was waiting on line to go in, I made some friends (as I always do wherever I friend recently said to me, "I have never randomly made a friend by talking to a stranger in public, and I feel like that is how you have met the majority of people you know") and also listened in on a conversation going-on behind me. Several people were exchanging, "How I Am Related to Peter Cincotti" stories. (I should have jumped-in and said I was his grandma.) Just like I feel every time I go to Peter's shows, the audience seemed to be full of people who are friends with him, or share bloodlines with him, and I am thoroughly confused as to why he hasn't sold-out Radio City Music Hall yet. I'm not complaining...I love that he does shows in tiny venues, with his piano a few feet away, for $15...but, seriously! New York City and the REST of the world take note...this kid's amazing! (Sidenote: I'm pretty sure Peter just assumes that friendly brunette girl that comes to all his shows must be some kind of a cousin.)

Peter sang songs from his new album, Metropolis, as well as debuted a song called "Half of You."

(After hearing this song, I admit I wondered if his previous break-up song "Take a Good Look" was actually written from the OTHER person's point-of-view! He gets rather personal in his songs. He and Taylor Swift should date just because we'd probably get some really terrific songs out-of that break-up.)

He ended the show with an older song, "Witch's Brew" , and, holy COW, watching that guy's HANDS at that piano is just a magical experience. (And I am somebody who has seen Harry Connick perform many times.)

Peter told dorky stories and jokes, and I feel like he's definitely grown-up a lot since the first time I saw perform (as most young men do between 23 and 29.)  He's so comfortable and charming with a crowd, seems mature beyond his years, but, at the same time, when he's at that piano, he just seems like a little kid doing something he really, really loves to do...and to be able to watch that is just a pleasure.

I would love to collaborate with him one day. I'm not sure what the project would be...but nice hats will definitely be involved.

He's got four CD's...check-him out and understand why I sing his praises like a proud grandma.

Diana Rissetto