Sunday, July 7, 2013

Okay, Josh Groban is just about the funniest and most random man in the world.

  1. Well that was a tremendous night out. What fun!! Stuffed but miiiight have room for an apple juice popsicle I made at home. #exciting #life
  2. This @calpizzakitchen salad is so good I'm worried if I go to the bathroom someone's gonna steal it!! #toomucharnoldpalmer #crime
  3. Well my salad is here and it is glorious. I won't take a pic because i don't want them to think I'm a fancy pants food blogger #cpk #life
  4. Waiter asked me how I was doing. I said good! #truth #dinner #shoes
  5. Gonna get a refill on the Arnold Palmer but that soup was filling, gonna get half a salad. #yolo
  6. Extra ice with this Arnold Palmer!! Cold drink, hot soup. Could this night be any better?? #nope
  7. Whaaaat a seat at the bar is open!!! It's like they opened this join just for me. I feel like a prince. A prince about to CHOW DOWN.
    1. Decided I'm gonna go to @calpizzakitchen and HELL YEAH I'm getting pea soup. #doingstuff #shoesareon
    2. I'm going out for dinner!!! What will I order? should I get an appetizer? I gotta find my shoes. I LOVE DOING STUFF!!!!