Thursday, May 24, 2012

A guy who REALLY should be selling-out Radio City by now...

Last night, I went down the block from my former elementary school to see Peter Cincotti perform. (While I was waiting for my friend, my cousin Vincent walked by and we talked for a bit. Vincent bears an uncanny resemblance to Tony Danza...this will play into our story later.)

I've been a fan of Peter for over ten years and have been singing his praises to anybody who will listen for just as long. A line in his song "Cinderella Beautiful" also inspired me to write a character (one who does not like Christmas time) which eventually led me to create the play which would be my off-Broadway debut. For that inspiration, I will always be very grateful to Peter.

I think it's a combination of the fact that I really do just think his music is completely brilliant and I feel a kinship with him since we're both from Italian-American New York City families and lost our dads as kids. (He also said in an interview once something along the lines of, "I wish I was around back in the day when people would go-out to dinner and wear nice hats." That pretty much sums-up how I feel about the world.)

I'm just really rooting for this guy and I want the rest of the world to take note of him.

He's awesome.

Peter did songs from his new album, Metropolis, which I am currently listening to on repeat. I actually kinda wish I was going-through a break-up right now because there are two fantastic break-up songs on it which I could be quoting and being all dramatic about. There's also a song called "Forever and Always" which makes me just want to break-out the roller-blades and head to the boardwalk and skate as I eat frozen yogurt and this song plays in the background. (If Jake Gyllenhaal is available to join me in this scenario, he is very welcome to.) And, of course, "Do or Die", which I have mentioned before and inspired me to ride elevators nonstop until I met somebody in one.

When he talked about his last album, East of Angel Town, the crowd cheered and Peter said, "...I thought that album only sold about two copies in the States..."

With that comment, Peter addressed my only problem with him.

Why isn't he hugely famous?

Why isn't he on the radio?

Why do I have to explain to people who he is? (Or, worse yet, when they think he's "that guy who's like Michael Buble/Harry Connick/Jamie Cullum." No...Peter Cincotti is like Peter Cincotti. I used to refer to him as The Next Billy Joel...because nobody does it better with lyrics and a piano...but he's the First Peter Cincotti.)

I'm not sure why I'm taking this so personally, since I don't even know this guy. I think I'm just frustrated...maybe because we live in a world where people become cultural icons for no reason at all and Snookie is a best-selling author and somebody as wildly talented as Peter seems to be playing to a crowd which mostly seems to consist of people who know him personally. (Considering he hugged and kissed so many people there last night, I took it as a safe bet...and I don't understand it at all.)

I'm not looking at it from a superficial point of view...that Peter needs to be famous because he deserves to have a $14 million townhouse in the West Village...but because if he was famous, many more people would be inspired by his lyrics and his style...and for that, the world would be a better place!

One person who was not related to Peter at the show last night was Tony Danza. (I did a double-take and wondered what Vincent was doing there.) When Peter announced he was doing a number from a musical he wrote, Tony joined him on stage, playing himself in a dream sequence.

That Tony Danza duet wins every single last point for random hilarity.

Being around somebody as talented and versatile and creative and hard-working as Peter gives me a push to be the best I can a writer and a person.

I feel like I'm writing an 8th grade essay on somebody I admire right now.

You know, I can only imagine how proud Peter's mom must be of him.

I mean, I feel very proud of him and I'm not even old enough to be his mom!

Diana Rissetto