Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What will Taylor Swift's song about Jake Gyllenhaal sound like?

Jake Gyllenhaal is my adult equivalent to the crush I had on Chris O'Donnell when I was 12, for the same exact reason...he's adorable and seems like a really nice guy.

I just heard (on usmagazine.com) that Taylor Swift WILL be penning a song about the heartache brought on her by Jake Gyllenhaal.

I would like to start making guesses right now as to what kind of veiled references will be in this song!

Here are some I came-up with:

We were picking apples that day in autumn
And you looked at me and said, "I'd never quit you."

Why did you brokebroke my heart?

And then you rode away
Like you were the Prince of Persia
(Or something)

Remember that night we were camping by my grandpa's farmhouse
And you kissed me under the October Sky

On a (kinda) related note, I've been listening to Josh Groban a lot lately. I usually only listened to Josh during the holidays, but I've found that his original stuff is in-CRED-ible. (I only listen to his songs in which he sings in English. Does that make me uncultured?) I'm a lyrics fan. That guy has some good lyrics. And a magical voice. And curly hair!

Some say his song "February" is about his break-up with January Jones. (Because, you know. February comes after January!) If that's true, I find it brilliantly clever.

I would like somebody to write a veiled song about me.

Somebody? Please?

(I sat near Gavin deGraw at a diner a couple of years ago. As of yet, I don't think he's written anything about a girl with curly dark hair that he once locked eyes with in a NYC diner on an October night. Once there IS such a song...I'll know. And that's all that matters.) 

Diana Rissetto