Sunday, August 19, 2012

I had a strange little dream last night.

I was having a play produced in Washington, DC right by the FDR memorial (which is very beautiful at night AND has a little statue of his dog, which looks a bit like the dogs my family has always had.)

The play was outside in a tent, much like the lovely production of Romeo and Juliet I saw a few months ago at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival.

The play was going so well, and then enter the guy who gave me the one great broken heart of my entire life. (Like...ripped it to shreds, severely bruised my ego, and, just when I think I'm really over it, I have this dream, and wonder if I'm really not.)

It would have been "oh how nice!" for him to show-up at my play...had he not brought a date.

And his girlfriend looked like Emma from GLEE.

They sat in the last row of the stadium-type seating at this theatre and sat with their backs to the show.

They left before it ended and without saying anything to me.

Really? What on earth?

I'm not sure what to make of this dream.

It's possible it all goes back to the fact that I have got some abandonment issues, and here's this guy I at very least thought was a good friend, walking away from me after sincerely letting me down in real life.

It could be reflecting my insecurities as a writer...that I'm worried that this guy and his girlfriend wouldn't think my play was good enough. 

Or maybe it was just the opposite! Maybe my play was SO brilliant that this girl felt intimidated and made him leave.

And why was she Emma from Glee? I haven't watched Glee in ages. Does Matthew Morrison have anything to do with this? (I did once tell him that our children would have gorgeous hair about eight years ago. They really would.)

I thought I was over it all. I thought I had forgotten about the boy. Maybe I haven't. Maybe I still feel bad about it and am over-analyzing the whole situation, just as I am over-analyzing this dream...

(Or maybe I'm supposed to write a play about FDR?)

Diana Rissetto

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