Friday, April 13, 2012

Things that happen when you go see high school musicals by yourself...

I often go back to my old high school to check-out the current drama club production...partly to support the director, who has been kind enough to support MY post-high school and college theatre career, and to remind myself of the pure love and passion these young kids feel for the stage...the dreams, the bonds developing backstage, the hard work they have put into the show. I've known Broadway snobs and I will NEVER become a Broadway snob.

Watching a school musical full of children you don't know CAN be end-up being boring, but Ocean Township High School's production of Miss Saigon was absolutely spellbinding. and I couldn't believe I was watching a gang of 15-18 year old kids. Just all kinds of "wow". Wow! (It was very easy to overlook the fact that the young girl playing Miss Saigon was, in reality, a pale redheaded girl.) "Bui Doi" is one of my favorite songs to sing when I'm alone, and I wanted to give the kid who played John and sang that song a mid-show standing ovation. That is a HARD song for ANYONE to sing...let alone a 16-year-old child! Good going. Good going.

I had just come from a funeral and was wearing my traditional black dress and heels (I had been wearing pearls, but realized I looked way overdressed for a high school auditorium in them...). There was a man sitting next to me who was with a woman, but from listening in on their conversations, it seemed like they were members of the same family supporting a common niece or cousin.

He said to me, "I hope he doesn't keep you waiting much longer."

In typical clueless fashion, I asked, "Who?"

"Your date. You look so great and everything."

"I actually just came from a funeral..."

Crickets.  So many crickets.

He also alerted me about the Knicks' score at intermission.

"It's not looking good", he told me.

I sighed and shook my head. "Keep watching the show. Things aren't looking too good for Miss Saigon, either..." 

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