Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My new favorite show.

It is so rare for me to get into a show which other people are also currently watching and talking about. I mean...I own the first three seasons of Highway to Heaven on DVD. (The last two are not available on DVD...and when that does happen, I will be very excited.) I loved Ugly Betty (because it was based on my life) and I do think How I Met Your Mother is clever and hilarious and heartwarming (and gives me hope that, one day, I'll meet my Ted Mosby.)

But I've never seen an episode of House, Lost, Grey's Anatomy or any of those Vampire shows people are always talking about.

There are Little House reruns on all the time. And my Highway to Heaven boxed set never lets me down.(I also love to read.)

However, over the past few months, I have become very much involved in the lives of Jess Day, played by the lovely Zooey Deschanel, and her crazy little world.

I think New Girl is absolutely hilarious.

I just find this show really, really funny...maybe it's because it realistically portrays our age group. Nobody's really acting too much like a grown-up. And I hate to say this, because I know ALL girls who watch this show is saying this...but I definitely relate to Jess! She's okay being a little (very) goofy and weird and she makes no apologies for it. It's how she is. And good for her!

I have also grown very fond of the friendship between Jess and her roommate, Nick (played by the adorable and "Wow, this guy has some unbelievable facial expressions!" Jake M. Johnson). (And, unlike everybody else who watches this show apparently feels, don't really think that they should end-up together...I really want to just see them become better friends. Maybe she can even end-up with his brother or something.) I have a male friend in my life who has seen me at and through my absolute worse and I also feel he views me in that similar, "GOSH, you are very naive and innocent and backwards...you really need a supportive guy in your life who is looking-out for you"...which is so Nick and Jess' friendship. I think male friends like that are very, very important to have in this world for a girl like Jess. There's a lot of bad stuff out there! And bad guys! It's good to have one you can always count-on no matter what. It makes a girl feel a lot safer.

The dynamic between the four roommates and Jess' best girl friend is all very funny and oddly believable. I would also love to have Jess' closet.

And, because everything can be related back to Highway to Heaven, on one particularly funny episode of New Girl, I immediately recognized the creepy landlord as a guest star on that show...he played a young man named Julian whose face was disfigured and then he falls in love with a blind girl who gets her sight back. The actor's name is Jeff Kober and the fact that I was able to recognize him, despite about 25 years have gone by and his face was disguised back then, probably speaks volumes about what a powerful actor he is! (Or I just watched that episode of Highway to Heaven way too many times................)

I think this show is great...hope it runs for at least three years.

Diana Rissetto


Leeann S. said...

This show has really started to grow on me. While I do love Zooey, I'm glad that the show isn't just about her, but also her roommates and friend. (At first it looked like it was going to fall into the trap of centering around the antics of "crazy" Jess every week.)

On a side note, the show has a bit of a Scrubs feel, at least as far as Jess and Nick are concerned. I'm not saying that I wouldn't want them to get together, but I would want that to be the end of the show. To me the show is more amusing to watch these five people (I'll include Cece) deal with day to day life and start to change and grow, even if it's only baby steps.

DianaGolightly said...

I've never seen Scrubs!

I feel like the characters aren't too consistent (what on earth was going-on with Nick last week?) but i genuinely really like all of them, which is rare for that type of show. I love Nick and Jess' friendship. If they get together, it has to be at the end!

Leeann S. said...

True, he was a little out of character last week. But I am glad they're giving Schmidt and Winston a little more depth. It would have been all too easy for the writers to keep them as stereotypes who you never learned more about.

You should try and check out Scrubs sometime. (Or at least the first 7 seasons.) If we lived closer I would lend you my dvds!

DianaGolightly said...

Tonight's episode was adorable!!!