Monday, January 9, 2012

A sign?

Last year, my friend highly recommended the book Meeting Your Half Orange: An Utterly Upbeat Guide to Using Dating Optimism to Find Your Perfect Match by Amy Spencer. 

I finally got around to reading it. (It was actually the very first book I put on my brand-new Kindle...which was a Christmas present. Well, it was one of the first...I also downloaded an insider's view of Auschwitz, complete with very graphic descriptions of the gas chambers. There might be reasons why I don't sleep.) 

I contacted my friend several times while I was reading it to tell her how much I was enjoying it and "learning" from it. It's very much like The Secret, applied to dating. 

Think positively, envision it happening, know it's all possible and the Universe will provide.

I thought the Universe providing...very quickly and randomly...and it freaked me out the other night.

I was sitting on my bed reading the book on Friday and I heard the text message alert on my phone go-off.

And kept going-off. Many times.

I finally went-over to pick it up in case I had a friend who had fallen into a ditch and was only able to text me.

But, oh no.

There were at least five text messages from numbers I did not recognize, saying things like, "I'm (here) if you want to meet-up!" "Want to grab a drink?"




The Universe was providing.

Obviously one of these text-senders was a dead-ringer for Jake Gyllenhaal and had a creative side and was wonderful with children. He raised seeing eye dogs. He loved his grandmother. 

Thank you, Universe!

I scrolled-up and realized my friend had sent-out a mass text to his friends in the area, asking if anybody had anything fun going-on that Friday night. 

All those texts?

They were sent in response to that question. (I had no idea that responses to a mass text went to EVERYBODY that mass text was sent to.)

Still, though...was this a sign? I have no idea who all of these numbers belonged to. They could have been married or women or 82.

What I do know is that at any given moment, your cellphone can light-up with a bunch of messages from people asking you to meet-up with them...and maybe sometimes it's worth taking a leap of faith and say yes (especially when you're doing nothing beside reading a book on how to meet people.)

Diana Rissetto


Leeann said...

So did you end up going out?

Nice upbeat post for the morning! (Even though you posted last night) On a side note, I got a Kindle for Christmas too! While it will never completely replace books for me, I am totally in love with always having a selection of books close at hand.

DianaGolightly said...

I didn't go-out! But I will next time it happens :)