Friday, December 7, 2012

Peter Cincotti is singing Billy Joel...

...and all is well with the world.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's a mighty big "might"...

...but there's a chance I blew-out my hair and wore my blue wrap dress and sapphire and diamond ring.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why I Quit Facebook (for now, at least...)

My family moved when I was in the 4th grade. I compulsively wrote letters to many of my friends because I had such aversion to change of any kind. I loved stationary and cute stamps. (I managed to keep-up a good correspondence with at least three of them until high school. Pretty impressive.)

Facebook came onto the scene as I was graduating college, so I escaped joining then. It wasn't until I did a show at a college that I started using it. Suddenly, I had a bunch of friends who seemed ages younger since they were still in school and I wasn't. (In reality, the youngest they were was five years younger than me.)

Within weeks, people I barely knew in high school and college were asking to be my friend, and the proper thing to do was to accept. I was working in theatre, and you meet tons of people working in theatre. Before I knew it, I had hundreds of friends.

I then discovered what would become my signature for the next several years:

The Facebook Status update.

Mine became legendary.

I was updating my status several times a day (and many more so during "important" things...the Oscars...the Royal Wedding.) I became even worse when I finally got an, I could update my status on the train, in the street, at intermission. I could immediately post adorable photos of my nephews, my new shoes or of autumn leaves (with a quote from "Autumn in New York." )

I had an audience. People would tell me how hilarious my status updates were, they'd share them with people who didn't know me, they'd tell me my status updates were the only reason they LOGGED into Facebook.

It made me feel good...not gonna lie.

However, one time I attempted to make more local friends. I messaged a girl who had been a casual friend in high school asking if she'd want to hang-out some time. She responded with, "Sure, but I feel like I hang-out with you all the time because you update your Facebook status so much."

I thought about that. Part of me took it as a brush-off...this girl just wanted to read my Facebook status updates but didn't want to be my friend.

It wasn't the same as having actual friends that I talked to and spent time with. I wanted more than people "liking" and commenting on my funny and insightful statuses.

 I also started using my updates for non-funny matters...talking about a layoff and a depressing jobhunt, a death in the family that left me devastated and that time I officially had my heartbroken and was alone on a streetcorner singing the song "You Don't Know Me" to myself.

I soon realized I was sharing way too much. Even people who never commented on my statuses were, indeed, reading them...and did that person I hadn't seen since 7th grade science class REALLY need to know everything about me?

I decided to deactivate my Facebook account two weeks ago (for now...for now...)  I haven't missed it, and I don't know if I ever will. A few things propelled me into finally doing so. I felt like it was becoming more like "Everybody's Lives are Beyond Fabulous and Exciting (But Yours!)-book."

I get it. That's not true at all. I mean, my profile pictures is one of myself and my good friend, who just happens to be an extremely handsome celebrity, in black-tie the night we met the President. If people went by that photo alone, they would think my life was mighty fancy. They don't need to know any of the not-so-great stuff. Anybody can make their lives seem glamorous in photos and updates. Over the past couple of months, somebody who kinda broke my heart posted tons of vacation photos (with his love interest), traveling the world. Honestly? I didn't want to see those photos or the engagement announcement I feel might be coming-up. Another reason to deactivate away.

Perhaps I'll be back in a few weeks. One of my best friends is getting married and I'm going to be in the wedding. I'm sure it will be the easiest way to see and share photos...but I don't need to go on there and check-on people I'm not even talking to in the real world and share updates of my life to over 400 acquaintances.

If my statuses were really that entertaining, I'd rather channel that good and funny writing into a play or a book that can have a proper audience...and not just all those "friends".

You know what? It's okay. The gang in Walnut Grove didn't need Facebook and neither do I.

In fact...maybe I'll even buy some cute stationary and stamps and write some letters instead.

Diana Rissetto

Monday, September 17, 2012

Eleven years

Two years ago, on the 9th anniversary of September 11th, I passed a little boy on a bicycle. He was probably about six. I didn't know this child, and he flashed me a peace sign. I gave him one back and the second he was out of sight, I completely teared-up. I think that would have gotten to me any other day, but on September 11th, more than ever. I will think of that moment every September 11th for the rest of my life.

I watch the "As It Happened" coverage on MSNBC every year, flipping between that and the reading of the names. I always remember this young woman that was on The Today Show a day or two after it happened. Both her boyfriend and brother worked in the towers and she hadn't heard from either one of them. She looked exhausted and was rambling and was telling Katie Couric that just the other day, she found-out her boyfriend didn't know who Katie Couric was and "who doesn't know who Katie Couric is???"

I think about her every year. I wonder how she is and say a prayer for her. I wish I knew her name so I could look her up.

Today, I visited the 9/11 Memorial in Atlantic Highlands. Monmouth County lost a lot of residents that day.

I saw there for a long time and stared ahead. You can see the skyline from the memorial. The city is so close you can almost touch it, but suburban NJ sometimes feel like a world away from it.

I had brought my notebook, but I didn't write anything. I reflected, and thought about that horrible, heartbreaking day that happened just blocks away from the building my family and I spent my childhood in. I looked around at the sky and remembered how 9/11/01 was THE most beautiful, perfect morning.

A family came over and ate lunch by the memorial. They had three boys. The oldest one looked about 12-years-old. They talked about the memorial, the names on it, the Freedom Tower. I thought about how none of these boys had any recollection of the attacks...neither did that little boy on the bicycle that them, it will be a page in a US History book and a story they'll hear older people talk about. "Where were you when it happened?"

When I think about that day, I still can't believe it happened. I still can't wrap my brain or heart around it. I never will.

And when I think about that little boy flashing me a peace sign on the anniversary of that most horrific day, it gives me hope. I feel optimistic. Life goes on...

Diana Rissetto

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I had a strange little dream last night.

I was having a play produced in Washington, DC right by the FDR memorial (which is very beautiful at night AND has a little statue of his dog, which looks a bit like the dogs my family has always had.)

The play was outside in a tent, much like the lovely production of Romeo and Juliet I saw a few months ago at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival.

The play was going so well, and then enter the guy who gave me the one great broken heart of my entire life. (Like...ripped it to shreds, severely bruised my ego, and, just when I think I'm really over it, I have this dream, and wonder if I'm really not.)

It would have been "oh how nice!" for him to show-up at my play...had he not brought a date.

And his girlfriend looked like Emma from GLEE.

They sat in the last row of the stadium-type seating at this theatre and sat with their backs to the show.

They left before it ended and without saying anything to me.

Really? What on earth?

I'm not sure what to make of this dream.

It's possible it all goes back to the fact that I have got some abandonment issues, and here's this guy I at very least thought was a good friend, walking away from me after sincerely letting me down in real life.

It could be reflecting my insecurities as a writer...that I'm worried that this guy and his girlfriend wouldn't think my play was good enough. 

Or maybe it was just the opposite! Maybe my play was SO brilliant that this girl felt intimidated and made him leave.

And why was she Emma from Glee? I haven't watched Glee in ages. Does Matthew Morrison have anything to do with this? (I did once tell him that our children would have gorgeous hair about eight years ago. They really would.)

I thought I was over it all. I thought I had forgotten about the boy. Maybe I haven't. Maybe I still feel bad about it and am over-analyzing the whole situation, just as I am over-analyzing this dream...

(Or maybe I'm supposed to write a play about FDR?)

Diana Rissetto

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Finally! An idea!

A friend (that I honestly haven't spent much time with) just asked me:

Have you thought about acting? Whenever I see that adorable girl on the Baby Bonbel cheese commercial asking people to try the cheese, I think that you would be perfect for that!

I KNEW there had to be a calling somewhere out there for me!

Diana Rissetto 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sometimes life just throws you a curveball...

I was feeling sorry for myself the other day, and then learned that my cousin was celebrating because he gained ten pounds. He's been battling cancer for over eight years and was given a very grim prognosis when he was only 30. And here he was, celebrating a weight gain, and, with that, put everything into perspective for me.

I don't have any real problems.

I also realized that, when life throws you that curveball and you're a Raving Lunatic Girl for a bit, it helps to have...

--A really amazing friend who tells it to you like it is and truly makes you understand what "tough love" is. I get it. It's when you really care about somebody and what the best for them and will risk making them cry for a minute to get them to see the light.

--A "Positive Thinking Class" teacher who takes house calls. Literally.
--A large, loving, kooky, sensitive, patient group of friends who you know are always going to be there for you, no matter what.

--A dog that has no idea what is going-on and a nephew who laughs at you like you're Jerry Seinfeld.

--A brand-new play premiering in the delightful little town of Garrison, NY. It's seriously like Walnut Grove up there! It's beautiful and I think about 30 people live there.  I randomly found-out about this theatre because the young man who starred in my off-Broadway show in 2010 does theatre here. I fell in love. It is gorgeous...and I'm so excited to have my own show there!

-The thought that something can be on the way that is AWESOME (see my previous post about how I suddenly found myself in the VIP room to meet the President with a certain superstar friend of mine.)

Life does indeed go on.

Everything happens for a reason.

Keep on keepin' on!

Diana Rissetto

Friday, June 22, 2012

If you put exciting things out there...they just might come.

When I was in college, I was interning for a Broadway public relations firm. It was my first office job and my first look into the New York City theatre world...which is where I was sure I belonged.

 That summer, I ran around like a maniac. I came home crying many days. I was paid about $5 a week.

However, one thing kept me going that entire summer...I knew that when our show performed at Broadway in Bryant Park, I'd get to go...and stand under the tend with all the Broadway performers.

I knew that tent was going to be a magical experience.

Finally, one day in August, I was under that tent. It was one of the hottest days of the summer. I took a bottle of vitamin water out of the same bin as the Broadway performers.

Thoroughly Modern Millie was on Broadway at the time and it was one of my favorite shows. That day, Sutton Foster's understudy was in her place, belting out "Gimme, Gimme". I said out loud to anybody who would listen, "EVERY time I hear this song, I get so disappointed because I KNOW I'll never be up there doing that!"

Somebody put his arm around my shoulder and said, "Oh, don't say that. It will HAPPEN some day."

I looked-up. Way-up. The guy was very tall.

You know when you meet somebody and somehow get the sense that you're supposed to be friends with them?

That's exactly how I felt at that moment! I talked to this very tall young man for a while. He was an understudy in Thoroughly Modern Millie and was leaving the show to go back to Seattle in a couple of weeks. As I was leaving, turned around and said, "I'm Diana, by the way!" He said, "I'm Cheyenne!"

When I went back to my desk at my internship, I investigated this young Broadway understudy named Cheyenne. I sent him an email through his website and just said, "We just met in the park. For some reason, I got a really great feeling about you and I just wanted to wish you all the best."

After that, the young tall Broadway understudy and I emailed very frequently, and when he came back to New York that winter, it was to play the starring role in my favorite show, AIDA. I've watched him completely skyrocket into superstardom over the years, but I'll always know him as that guy I got a good feeling about in the park that day. I knew he was special, I knew we were meant to become friends, and he is and we did.


I knew something really great was destined to happen in that tent and it DID...I met a wonderful person, who became the older brother I've never had and always wanted.

Fast forward nearly nine years......................

One thing I have been mourning for a while is the fact that I am no longer working on Broadway. I got into a bit of a funk when the Tony nominations came-out, knowing I wouldn't be going as I did in previous years.

I told myself, "Listen. The Tony Awards aren't everything. You never know what's right around the corner and if you just put it out there that you deserve to go to exciting events and to be a part of this community you love so will all happen."

The day after I told myself that (I'm not even kidding), I got a text from my friend Cheyenne (you know, that tall understudy I met in the park who is now a huge star) asking if I wanted to go with him to a Broadway benefit for President Obama. (President Clinton would also be there.) Cheyenne was performing.

Wow, that was fast...that exciting event really DID come-out of nowhere.

I was in the "VIP" lounge, trying to pretend that I belonged there, and after about a half hour, I realized, I DO belong here! I am important. I am exciting. And even though I no longer work in a Broadway office, one day, I'll be a member of the Broadway community again. I'll be a playwright. I'll win awards. I'll have people telling me that Wendy Wasserstein would have loved me and taken me under her wing. Celebrities will be in my plays and come to my plays and everybody will really like me, because aside from being a really funny and inspirational playwright, I am also very very NICE. I'm one of the nicest people in New York City theatre and deserve all of this success!

It makes me smile to think of how I manifested things a bit...I knew that tent would be really great, and it led me to this terrific kindred spirit, who, in turn, led me to this VIP event that reminded me that I deserved to be there and there was so much left out there to live and experience.

You just gotta keep never know when something wonderful is going to happen.

Diana Rissetto

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles and my daddy said, "Stay away from Juliet..."

An odd confession coming from a theatre person and also the only person in my university who voluntarily took Shakespeare I and Shakespeare II ("for fun")...

I have never seen a production of Romeo and Juliet on stage.

I read the play, of course, in high school and in college. I'd seen the 1960's version of the film and the 1996 one (I'm from the age group of girls for which it was a requirement to fall in love with Leonardo didn't matter if you didn't like pretty boys with blond hair...Chris O'Donnell was much more my speed during those had to love Leo.) I knew West Side Story by heart, and I remember when I first read Romeo and Juliet comparing it to the musical...instead of the other way around. ("Ohhhhhhh! They had a balcony instead of a fire escape!")

High schools in sitcoms always seem to do Romeo and Juliet, but mine did Woody Allen and Neil Simon plays instead.

I finally saw Romeo and Juliet live on Sunday night at the Hudson River Valley Festival in Garrison, New York and I can't think of a better way to have done so.

How did I end-up all the way up there to see theatre? (And for the girl who doesn't really venture too far from New York City or central NJ...I mean, why would I need to? NYC and Central NJ have everything you could ever possibly need in really IS "all the way up there".) The answer is, simply, because of Romeo. Two years ago, I was casting my first off-Broadway production. My good (and extremely knowledgeable and very very patient) friend was by my side going-through headshot submissions with me and after I opened one email and saw the actor's photo, I said to him, "He's our star." My friend said, "THIS IS WHY YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO CAST THIS SHOW WITHOUT ME. You just think he's cute and like that he talks about Frank Sinatra in his cover letter." "No, no. Well, yeah. But he's definitely our star. Believe me, I know."

The young man, Carl Howell, came-in to audition, nailed it and brought my character to life in the most perfect way. (I was right!) Everybody involved with that play will always have places in my heart because it was such a special experience for me and when Carl told me he was set to play Romeo this summer, I knew I couldn't miss it. In the past year, I've gone-up to Garrison to see Carl do some Chekhov and direct some munchkins in It's a Wonderful Life. I've grown to quite love it up there, and saw a different part of town with Romeo and Juliet, which is staged outside on the grounds of Boscobel.

I don't think it gets much more beautiful than Boscobel. I was half-expecting Mr. Willoughby from Sense and Sensibility to show-up. If I had known it was going to be so fancy, I would have worn my fascinator hat headband. (No, I wouldn't have. But I do need excuse to wear that thing.)

It's just so pretty!  I worked on Broadway for several years...I know Broadway, I love Broadway...but being at a show like this one does something to me that even Broadway can't quite do.

This production was absolutely stunning, gorgeous and lyrical and just enough modernized (I recognized the Nurse's dresses from one of my favorite sites to shop for 1940's-style dresses), the perfect balance between Luhrman and Zeffirelli. The cast openly engaged with the audience, which I honestly haven't really seen much of outside of children's theatre, but it worked...moves like that can seem a bit hokey and like cheating, but it only added to the magical element of being in this tent and watching this story the world has not been able to get enough of for over four hundred years. 

The show uses pop music of the day, including a lovely acoustic version of Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody", sung by Juliet, accompanied by Romeo on guitar. (That song as been stuck in my head since. I've been singing it to myself as I walk-up the street instead of my usual Aida and Phantom medleys...I do all the voices, it makes my walks go by faster.)

They put together one stellar cast and I wish I could personally comment on all of them because even the "party guests" were stand-outs. Angela Janas is making her New York debut as Juliet, fresh from college, and gives an absolutely lovely (and adorable and funny when need be) performance. As for Carl's performance,  all I can say is, I KNEW that guy was a star from day one, and he's proved me quite right once again. (Leo WHO?)  Denise Corimer plays the Nurse a bit like Audrey from Little Shop playing the Nurse, and completely delighted the audience. Mercutio, Tybalt and Benvolio are played by Daniel Morgan Shelley, Charlie Francis Murphy and Drew Lewis in such a way that I didn't even miss the Sharks and the Jets. The rest of Romeo and Juliet's circle of family of friends all truly breath spectacular life into these characters which should have been played to death by now...but they haven't...and there's obviously a reason...because it's all just some of the most beautiful and clever writing ever done. (Seriously, that Will was one witty guy.) It's never going to get old, and it shouldn't.

I truly enjoyed my evening at Boscobel, and am recommending it to anybody who will listen. It's well-worth getting lost on the two "roundabouts" on the way-up.

Bravo to all...a truly gorgeous show.

Diana Rissetto

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A guy who REALLY should be selling-out Radio City by now...

Last night, I went down the block from my former elementary school to see Peter Cincotti perform. (While I was waiting for my friend, my cousin Vincent walked by and we talked for a bit. Vincent bears an uncanny resemblance to Tony Danza...this will play into our story later.)

I've been a fan of Peter for over ten years and have been singing his praises to anybody who will listen for just as long. A line in his song "Cinderella Beautiful" also inspired me to write a character (one who does not like Christmas time) which eventually led me to create the play which would be my off-Broadway debut. For that inspiration, I will always be very grateful to Peter.

I think it's a combination of the fact that I really do just think his music is completely brilliant and I feel a kinship with him since we're both from Italian-American New York City families and lost our dads as kids. (He also said in an interview once something along the lines of, "I wish I was around back in the day when people would go-out to dinner and wear nice hats." That pretty much sums-up how I feel about the world.)

I'm just really rooting for this guy and I want the rest of the world to take note of him.

He's awesome.

Peter did songs from his new album, Metropolis, which I am currently listening to on repeat. I actually kinda wish I was going-through a break-up right now because there are two fantastic break-up songs on it which I could be quoting and being all dramatic about. There's also a song called "Forever and Always" which makes me just want to break-out the roller-blades and head to the boardwalk and skate as I eat frozen yogurt and this song plays in the background. (If Jake Gyllenhaal is available to join me in this scenario, he is very welcome to.) And, of course, "Do or Die", which I have mentioned before and inspired me to ride elevators nonstop until I met somebody in one.

When he talked about his last album, East of Angel Town, the crowd cheered and Peter said, "...I thought that album only sold about two copies in the States..."

With that comment, Peter addressed my only problem with him.

Why isn't he hugely famous?

Why isn't he on the radio?

Why do I have to explain to people who he is? (Or, worse yet, when they think he's "that guy who's like Michael Buble/Harry Connick/Jamie Cullum." No...Peter Cincotti is like Peter Cincotti. I used to refer to him as The Next Billy Joel...because nobody does it better with lyrics and a piano...but he's the First Peter Cincotti.)

I'm not sure why I'm taking this so personally, since I don't even know this guy. I think I'm just frustrated...maybe because we live in a world where people become cultural icons for no reason at all and Snookie is a best-selling author and somebody as wildly talented as Peter seems to be playing to a crowd which mostly seems to consist of people who know him personally. (Considering he hugged and kissed so many people there last night, I took it as a safe bet...and I don't understand it at all.)

I'm not looking at it from a superficial point of view...that Peter needs to be famous because he deserves to have a $14 million townhouse in the West Village...but because if he was famous, many more people would be inspired by his lyrics and his style...and for that, the world would be a better place!

One person who was not related to Peter at the show last night was Tony Danza. (I did a double-take and wondered what Vincent was doing there.) When Peter announced he was doing a number from a musical he wrote, Tony joined him on stage, playing himself in a dream sequence.

That Tony Danza duet wins every single last point for random hilarity.

Being around somebody as talented and versatile and creative and hard-working as Peter gives me a push to be the best I can a writer and a person.

I feel like I'm writing an 8th grade essay on somebody I admire right now.

You know, I can only imagine how proud Peter's mom must be of him.

I mean, I feel very proud of him and I'm not even old enough to be his mom!

Diana Rissetto

Friday, May 18, 2012

I think I give people the impression that I am way more together than I actually am.

I remember when I was a junior in college and my mom's friend wanted me to talk to her son. We were the same age and pretty much grew-up together. She said he wasn't sure what he was doing with his life, and she wanted me to talk to him since I was "so good with stuff like that."

Was I?

Was I, really?

I didn't really know exactly what I was doing.

I always told people I was going to be a writer, and I remember when I made my off-Broadway debut in 2010 telling my former high school English teacher (who is today a good friend...just the way I work) that I realized how lucky and blessed I was to be doing what I always said I'd do. It was luck. It was blessings. I recognized that. Maybe people mistake that for me having my act together.

But I had no idea what to tell this other kid about what he was supposed to be doing with his life. I felt as completely lost as he did!

The other night, I got a text message from a very old good friend from high school (and junior high, for that matter). We catch-up every so often in person. Her text said that she was freaking-out about nothing working-out, about ending-up all alone, what if she was too picky and would be alone forever, what if she already REJECTED the right guy and would never have another chance...etc.etc.etc.

I called her right away (it's hard to have heart-to-hearts over text message). After telling her that I have MANY of the save fears and I wasn't sure if that made her feel better, but she wasn't alone in her fears, I ended-up saying something which is probably the wisest thing I have ever said.

"NONE of us look at ANY our friends and think, 'She's going to be alone forever!'...So....WHY do we look at OURSELVES and think that?"

There was silence...

And then my friend told me that that made her feel a lot better.

Hours later, another friend (also another fabulous girl, as all my friends are) called me and we ended-up on the same topic.

I told her the words of wisdom I had shared with my other friend a little while ago.

Once again, the friend told me how right I was and how she never really thought about it that way...but that it made her feel a lot better.

Maybe I AM a good person to go to for advice, after all...

I wish we wouldn't all worry so much! I wish we weren't so hard on ourselves. I wish we treated ourselves with all the love and respect and admiration we treat our friends with.

How much easier would life be if we did???

Diana Rissetto 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Yesterday, I grumbled grumbled grumbled...

...that chivalry was dead.

I held the door open for a middle-aged man who was behind me, expecting him to take the door from me, like a normal person would.

He didn't.

He walked right through it, not even LOOKING at me or making ANY attempt to take the door from me.

I was too annoyed to even give a sarcastic, "You're WELCOME!" I spent the next few hours rolling my eyes. What kind of a man expects a young woman to hold a door open for him and treats her like a common doorstop?

However, the Universe must have recognized how annoyed I was, because as I was leaving for my lunch break, I was in an elevator with a group of people who obviously all knew each other. When we got to the ground level, some people got-out...and then a young man with floppy brown hair gallantly (yes! GALLANTLY!) held-out his arm to show myself and another woman out of the elevator.

I smiled to myself and heard the other girl say, "What a SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN! Where are you from, again?"

The young man responded with, "N'Awlins!"

They raise nice young men in N'Awlins.

This guy is from N'Awlins, after all.

I couldn't resist turning around and saying, "And this morning, some guy let me hold a door open for him and didn't acknowledge me!"

The girl said, "You see? A true Southern gentleman."

Now, I couldn't help remembering that just a few weeks ago, after listening to Peter Cincotti's new single "Do or Die", I announced to the world (Facebook status readers) that this song about a guy trying to come-up with something to say to a girl in the elevator was inspiring me to spend all my free time riding elevators until I met a nice guy.

And what happens after I say that?

A true Southern Gentleman walks into my elevator.

(Of all the elevators in New York City...)

Today, as I was entering the building after my lunchbreak, I was behind a group of people with pizza.

And one young man with floppy brown hair.

He held the door open for me and I said, "You waved me out of the elevator yesterday, too!" (I couldn't help it! It slipped right out of my mouth! At least I didn't say, "You GALLANTLY waved me out of the elevator yesterday.")

He said, "Why, yes, I did" and I mentally "filed that one under 'oh my gosh, he talks just like Harry Connick.'"

The dorky hopeless romantic in me had very fleeting, "Maybe the entire reason I ended-up at this temp job was because I was supposed to meet this Southern Gentleman" and "the next time he holds the door open for you, SCAN HIS LEFT HAND FOR A RING!"

But the realistic part of me (which isn't too much of a percentage) gets that I'm probably not going to end-up with this guy, and I'll most likely never see him again (even though my friend Nick's parents DID randomly meet in an elevator.)

I do think, however, that there are no accidents in life and that gallant wave of a hand came at the perfect moment...there's some really good guys out there left in our age just have to hope they walk into your elevator.

Diana Rissetto

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Did that guy just John Slattery me?

When I was in the 4th-5th grade, I completely loved this TV show Homefront that really wasn't meant for me, but for my grandmothers (if I had them. I didn't.) I've always loved the 1940's and this series...about a small Ohio town adjusting to life after World War II...was everything I liked to imagine the era was like.

John Slattery, who has since been in EVERYTHING and is currently on Mad Men, was on Homefront.  Everybody knows John Slattery's face, even if they don't know his name. He's "that guy". That guy who has been in everything.

But he's still Al Kahn to me.

He will always be Al Kahn to me.

A few years ago, I was at a party and John and his wife walked-in. (His wife also played Bela Karoli's wife in the Nadia Comaneci TV movie my sister and I watched a thousand times as kids).

All I could think of was, "That guy played Al Kahn!"

I did something I so rarely do and approached him when he was done talking to his hoards of fans and friends and said, "I just have to tell you...I really loved Homefront." 

If I could film myself impersonating the reaction John Slattery gave me to that statement, I would. He kinda squinted, rolled his head back and then when he finally made eye contact with me, his face clearly said, "What the EFF?"

He was shocked!

Am I really the only person who remembers Al Kahn and Homefront?

(I hope not!)

He asked me how old I was when the show was on and I told him 9.

John Slattery kept repeating, "Nine. Nine. Nine. You were NINE."

He shook my hand and we went our separate ways.

I wondered if I freaked him out, but, seriously? I think I would love it if somebody came-up to me and reminded me of a project I did ages ago and what the impression it had on them!

Last week, I was in the supermarket and a man came-up to me and said, "I KNOW you. You ride the NJ Transit. I used to see you. But I haven't ridden it in six years. I ride the bus now. So it was a while ago."

I nodded. "Okay."

Completely freaked me out.

That guy just John Slattery-d me.

To John Slattery go up to somebody you do not know and tell them you remember them from somewhere, something, many years ago.

Diana Rissetto

Friday, April 13, 2012

Things that happen when you go see high school musicals by yourself...

I often go back to my old high school to check-out the current drama club production...partly to support the director, who has been kind enough to support MY post-high school and college theatre career, and to remind myself of the pure love and passion these young kids feel for the stage...the dreams, the bonds developing backstage, the hard work they have put into the show. I've known Broadway snobs and I will NEVER become a Broadway snob.

Watching a school musical full of children you don't know CAN be end-up being boring, but Ocean Township High School's production of Miss Saigon was absolutely spellbinding. and I couldn't believe I was watching a gang of 15-18 year old kids. Just all kinds of "wow". Wow! (It was very easy to overlook the fact that the young girl playing Miss Saigon was, in reality, a pale redheaded girl.) "Bui Doi" is one of my favorite songs to sing when I'm alone, and I wanted to give the kid who played John and sang that song a mid-show standing ovation. That is a HARD song for ANYONE to sing...let alone a 16-year-old child! Good going. Good going.

I had just come from a funeral and was wearing my traditional black dress and heels (I had been wearing pearls, but realized I looked way overdressed for a high school auditorium in them...). There was a man sitting next to me who was with a woman, but from listening in on their conversations, it seemed like they were members of the same family supporting a common niece or cousin.

He said to me, "I hope he doesn't keep you waiting much longer."

In typical clueless fashion, I asked, "Who?"

"Your date. You look so great and everything."

"I actually just came from a funeral..."

Crickets.  So many crickets.

He also alerted me about the Knicks' score at intermission.

"It's not looking good", he told me.

I sighed and shook my head. "Keep watching the show. Things aren't looking too good for Miss Saigon, either..." 

Sunday, April 1, 2012


It's a Wonderful Life is my all-time favorite movie and, lately, I have been able to connect so many of the themes to my own life.

I am yet to rescue any kid from drowning, which would let him grow-up to become a war hero...the manager at my after-school job at Barnes and Noble never almost accidentally poisoned a child, so I never got to interfere and stop it...and I never gave my Italian immigrant friend a new house.

However, after going-through what I have this past year, I get it.

Mr. Potter is a very fancy man. He has his own driver. When Clarence first sees him, he thinks he's a king! People are willing to work for him because he's rich and powerful and they need jobs...(not because they like him or because he's a good boss.)

The movie ends with Mr. Potter having millions and George Bailey needing $8,000 in order to save the Building and Loan.

George Bailey wins.

Mr. Potter might have a ton of money, and people STILL might still work for him because they need to eat, but George Bailey is the one who wins because he has a community of friends who want to help him.

I've had my own community of friends helping me this Bedford Falls spans pretty far...several different states, a couple of different countries and includes people from all different stages of my life...and not just my friends...but friends of friends of friends...a train conductor who was worried about me when he hadn't seen me on the train after I lost my job, and told me I had always been one of the most pleasant passengers...this lady I sat next to at a show in Washington DC who told me everything was going to be okay...I've had people I hardly know send me links to jobs (including somebody I met three years ago at a work function and have not said a word to since, but, thank you Facebook, has known about my trials) and the wife of a young man I volunteer with (I've only met her twice!) I started going to a weekly class which has helped me so's just the most open and supportive environment. You tell a story about your week...and people cheer. (Does it get any better than that?)

And, since I have interviewed at, roughly, 80% of the offices in New York City, I have met a lot of people...and...most of them? Completely lovely people who were nothing but kind and gracious and encouraging. I have gotten some of the kindest rejection letters ever written. I actually would like to put them into a scrapbook. It's wonderful of them to have taken the few minutes to tell me, "We couldn't hire you, Diana, but it's NOT you! YOU are fantastic (and I did get that word several times.) We just could only hire one person out of a sea of qualified ones."  Meeting them has made me realize how many terrific offices and bosses and coworkers there are out there, and that I completely deserve to find it for myself.

If everything happens for a reason, I think I know the reason all of this happened (and I wish I had realized it on some of my worse days.) A lot of people care about me...they wouldn't have bothered if they didn't...and just like Clarence wrote in his copy of Tom Sawyer, "No man is a failure who has friends."

I've known real-life Mr. Potters...and it's felt like they had it all...power and wealth and fame and the loyalty of otherwise good people...and I've struggled with, "Why are people who aren't nice have so much?" But they really don't have anything at all...they don't have their Bedford falls community.

Manny the Train Conductor NEVER would have cared about Mr. Potter. 

As lonely and isolating and sad as a period of unemployment can be, I have never, for a second, been alone.

I get that now. And I am grateful.

Diana Rissetto

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yes, I do indeed read my horoscope every day.

This particular one personalizes it, which REALLY makes it seem legit.

Are you single, Diana? If so, today you might just fall in love at first sight. You may have been frustrated lately by the lack of interesting people who are available, but today you could meet someone one who seems just too perfect for words. And you can rest assured: the attraction is mutual! On the other hand, if you're already involved, you can expect a revival of the fairytale type of romance between you and your significant other. Enjoy!

Today, I interviewed for a part-time job and dressed my best for it. I didn't think I was having a particularly good hair day. (It was a HUGE hair day.) I wore my new shoes...I am NOT a shoes girl. I do not like shoes. Shoe stores give me the shakes and I don't feel any need to actually spend money on shoes. I love clothes! I do. But I wish there was just a universal pair of shoes that I could wear with absolutely everything. These shoes are nothing but a pair of nude-colored pumps from the Vera Wang Kohl's line, but I can't believe how many compliments I get on them. THIS is what happens when I buy an article of clothing because it looks like something the Duchess of Cambridge would wear.

(Next week, I start wearing fancy hats.Every day. Every where.)

I will liken the Duchess of Cambridge shoes to the Traveling Pants in that I feel darn confidant in them, since I'm 5'0 and flesh-colored heels are supposed to make your legs look a lot longer.

And if I was going to fall in love at first sight, I might as well be looking my best.

I went to a doctor's appointment and then stopped at the supermarket to buy some Keurig pods...and then Michael Buble's "Just Haven't Met You Yet" came-on.

Now, I ALREADY glance around whenever this song comes-on in a store, but I especially had to on this day when my horoscope told me I was going to fall in love at first site.

As I glanced around, I eventuaoly locked eyes with a very cute young man, but I think he worked at the supermarket...which is fine...but I also think he was about 17.

Ah, well.

Next time.

Diana Rissetto

Sunday, March 18, 2012

An open letter to that person who really really hurt me...

I knew there was a chance I'd run into you the other night...and I was prepared for it. I was going to give you a very cheerful and pleasant hello. I wasn't going to let you see how much you had hurt me and, even though a lot of time has gone by, the way your actions have impacted my life.

I wasn't going to let it show.

I also wasn't going to throw a chair at you and tel you that I cursed the day you were born.

I was going to be the bigger person.

On my way over, I heard the Don Henley song "The Heart of the Matter." 

There are people in your life who have come and gone
They've let you down, they've hurt your pride
You gotta leave this all behind you 'cuz life goes on
You keep carrying that anger, it will eat you up inside
I kept those lyrics in my head and when I saw you, I remembered everything about you that made me feel horrible for years. I wondered why I would let somebody like you have such a hold over me and dictate the way I felt about myself for so long.

I kept replaying those lyrics.

The anger and hurt I was carrying around regarding you was doing nothing but eating me up inside.

I'm releasing you.

I didn't get to talk to you that night...but it's the thought that counts...and I really was willing to go over and say hello and wish you well...not because I wanted anything from you, but because it would have been the right thing to do.

It might seem miniscule, but seeing you and not wanting to cry or throw-up was a huge step for me.

I have to be happy with who I am...confident and optimistic and remember that there is no place for somebody like you in my life anymore.

But...hello. It's good to see you. Good luck.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My new favorite show.

It is so rare for me to get into a show which other people are also currently watching and talking about. I mean...I own the first three seasons of Highway to Heaven on DVD. (The last two are not available on DVD...and when that does happen, I will be very excited.) I loved Ugly Betty (because it was based on my life) and I do think How I Met Your Mother is clever and hilarious and heartwarming (and gives me hope that, one day, I'll meet my Ted Mosby.)

But I've never seen an episode of House, Lost, Grey's Anatomy or any of those Vampire shows people are always talking about.

There are Little House reruns on all the time. And my Highway to Heaven boxed set never lets me down.(I also love to read.)

However, over the past few months, I have become very much involved in the lives of Jess Day, played by the lovely Zooey Deschanel, and her crazy little world.

I think New Girl is absolutely hilarious.

I just find this show really, really funny...maybe it's because it realistically portrays our age group. Nobody's really acting too much like a grown-up. And I hate to say this, because I know ALL girls who watch this show is saying this...but I definitely relate to Jess! She's okay being a little (very) goofy and weird and she makes no apologies for it. It's how she is. And good for her!

I have also grown very fond of the friendship between Jess and her roommate, Nick (played by the adorable and "Wow, this guy has some unbelievable facial expressions!" Jake M. Johnson). (And, unlike everybody else who watches this show apparently feels, don't really think that they should end-up together...I really want to just see them become better friends. Maybe she can even end-up with his brother or something.) I have a male friend in my life who has seen me at and through my absolute worse and I also feel he views me in that similar, "GOSH, you are very naive and innocent and really need a supportive guy in your life who is looking-out for you"...which is so Nick and Jess' friendship. I think male friends like that are very, very important to have in this world for a girl like Jess. There's a lot of bad stuff out there! And bad guys! It's good to have one you can always count-on no matter what. It makes a girl feel a lot safer.

The dynamic between the four roommates and Jess' best girl friend is all very funny and oddly believable. I would also love to have Jess' closet.

And, because everything can be related back to Highway to Heaven, on one particularly funny episode of New Girl, I immediately recognized the creepy landlord as a guest star on that show...he played a young man named Julian whose face was disfigured and then he falls in love with a blind girl who gets her sight back. The actor's name is Jeff Kober and the fact that I was able to recognize him, despite about 25 years have gone by and his face was disguised back then, probably speaks volumes about what a powerful actor he is! (Or I just watched that episode of Highway to Heaven way too many times................)

I think this show is great...hope it runs for at least three years.

Diana Rissetto

Monday, February 13, 2012

A very sad and unnecessary ending...

I remember what John Mayer said after Michael Jackson died...that we were not only mourning Michael, but ourselves as children listening to "Thriller".

I think I felt just about the same way when I heard about Whitney Houston. I connect her voice to school concerts (I remember when I was in the 3rd grade...the 7th graders sang...and did sign language along with..."The Greatest Love at All."), a time when we were all young and innocent and didn't have too many problems.

It's sad. Somebody who was blessed with incredible talent and beauty and was beloved by millions couldn't overcome all the pain inside which ended-up destroying her.

Her daughter's a little older than I was when my dad died. I know how that can devastate you and throw your life off in the most "normal" circumstances, so I can't even imagine how that poor kid feels right now.

I hope Whitney's found peace that she never was able to find on Earth.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My horoscope said I was going to run into somebody who broke my heart this month.

There aren't too many people that could be.

For such a sensitive, romantic person, I haven't had too many broken hearts. I've had guys I cried over, but then realized later on I was too young to be serious about anything or that the guy was a complete jerk and I didn't really like him anyway and was just crying due to hurt pride and my ever-bruised confidence, which I constantly struggle to keep afloat.

But when I think about that scene from Sex and the City when Aidan screams, "You BROKE my HEART!" to Carrie in the street, there is only one person I could ever imagine shouting those words at...only one person I ever moped about and listened to Sinatra's saloon songs over.

And, apparently, I'm due to run into that guy any day now!

I've played that scene over in my head...a few times.

When I've run into him (in my head), I am in the best place of my life!

I am on my way to the premiere of my new off-Broadway play. (It is already being made into a movie and is moving to Broadway in the spring.) I also look fantastic. I might even be about five inches taller than I usually am. (Whatever, I'm 100% okay with my height, but as long as we're going all-out, I'll see what being 5'5 is like.) It's a great hair day and my complexion is particularly flawless. I'm also walking hand-in-hand with...let's say Jake Gyllenhaal (unless he's starring in the that case, he's already at the theatre) or Josh Groban.

We see this guy in the street, and I'm not awkward or thrown-off at all! Because I'm just so over everything that happened I don't care! I'm so happy with my life right now that I wave heartily, tell him how great it is to see him, give him a friendly hug and introduce him to Jake (or Josh.)

In fact, HE is the awkward one! He knows of the big places my writing has been going lately (we ARE still Facebook friends, after all) and has seen me in People magazine with my new boyfriend. ("Who's That Girl?") We invite him to come to the premiere that night, and he says he will. I'm not sure if he comes to the show or not...that part's not important...the important part is that I couldn't care LESS if he shows-up...because I'm just so over it all. I'm just so happy and fulfilled at the moment that he doesn't matter to me fact, I hope he's JUST as happy and fulfilled as I am.

And that is exactly how I have played that scene over in my mind...when I run into that person who broke my heart.

A lot apparently has to happen in the next three weeks in order to make the Horoscope align with my daydreams...because if I ran into this young man tomorrow, all I'd be able to say is, "I'm in between jobs. I'm writing a lot, but I don't have any productions coming-up any time soon. And I'm kinda single (meaning "I can't remember the last straight guy I had a conversation with.")."

I would feel like I have nothing to FEEL fabulous about, nothing that would make him regret things...not that he broke my heart, but because of the way he went about it...the way he treated me like I didn't count...because such a successful and happy and accomplished person (as I am in those inner-scenarios!) didn't deserve to be treated like that...and he'll realize that.

But I was thinking none of that can happen (the guy thinking, "Gosh, I'm an idiot for kicking that girl to the curb! Look at how amazing everything is going for her!") until any of the other stuff happen (the Broadway play, Josh Groban You know. Little things.)


I'm going to do everything I can to switch my thinking and say, "So WHAT?"

Maybe being fabulous and happy and confidant doesn't come from potentially winning a Tony or being engaged to Josh Groban (not for nothing...the kids would have curly dark hair and would be very funny...have you ever read that guy's Twitter? He's hysterical!)

Maybe if you convince yourself you're fabulous first, fabulous things and people will come...and if I DO run into this guy tomorrow, I can be just as confidant as I would have been had I had all those other things going for me...because I DESERVE all of those other things. I know what I'm potentially capable of, I know I'm a good person.

And Josh Groban would be DARNED lucky to have me.

If the Horoscope is correct...I will be just fine when this run-in happens.

(My regular readers know my writing style by now and realize I'm not completely serious with this post, right?) 

Diana Rissetto

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What will Taylor Swift's song about Jake Gyllenhaal sound like?

Jake Gyllenhaal is my adult equivalent to the crush I had on Chris O'Donnell when I was 12, for the same exact reason...he's adorable and seems like a really nice guy.

I just heard (on that Taylor Swift WILL be penning a song about the heartache brought on her by Jake Gyllenhaal.

I would like to start making guesses right now as to what kind of veiled references will be in this song!

Here are some I came-up with:

We were picking apples that day in autumn
And you looked at me and said, "I'd never quit you."

Why did you brokebroke my heart?

And then you rode away
Like you were the Prince of Persia
(Or something)

Remember that night we were camping by my grandpa's farmhouse
And you kissed me under the October Sky

On a (kinda) related note, I've been listening to Josh Groban a lot lately. I usually only listened to Josh during the holidays, but I've found that his original stuff is in-CRED-ible. (I only listen to his songs in which he sings in English. Does that make me uncultured?) I'm a lyrics fan. That guy has some good lyrics. And a magical voice. And curly hair!

Some say his song "February" is about his break-up with January Jones. (Because, you know. February comes after January!) If that's true, I find it brilliantly clever.

I would like somebody to write a veiled song about me.

Somebody? Please?

(I sat near Gavin deGraw at a diner a couple of years ago. As of yet, I don't think he's written anything about a girl with curly dark hair that he once locked eyes with in a NYC diner on an October night. Once there IS such a song...I'll know. And that's all that matters.) 

Diana Rissetto

Sunday, January 15, 2012

For everybody going-through something right now...

And I feel like there's a lot of you!

Words of inspiration from Lady Antebellum...

You feel like you're falling backwards
Like you're slippin' through the cracks
Like no one would even notice
If you left this town and never came back
You walk outside and all you see is rain
You look inside and all you feel is pain
And you can't see it now

But down the road the sun is shining
In every cloud there's a silver lining
Just keep holding on (just keep holding on)
And every heartache makes you stronger
But it won't be much longer
You'll find love, you'll find peace
And the you you're meant to be
I know right now that's not the way you feel
But one day you will

You wake up every morning and ask yourself
What am I doing here anyway
With the weight of all those disappointments
Whispering in your ear
You're just barely hanging by a thread
You wanna scream but you're down to your last breath
And you don't know it yet

[Repeat Chorus]

Find the strength to rise above
You will
Find just what you're made of, you're made of

[Repeat Chorus]

One day you will
Oh one day you will

I became a big fan of a certain AM NY newspaper lady once.

One day, she disappeared and I never saw her again.

I sent this to the "tells us about your favorite promoter!" email address on the AMNY website...this was way back in August 2009. I never DID see her again...

I was happy to see that there was an email address just for this purpose!

Every morning, right outside of Penn Station, I would be greeted by a delightful, energetic AM NY newspaper lady. She would ALWAYS be singing...usually a mix of "Autumn in New York" and "I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone." I loved seeing her every day, and I know that others felt the same way.

However, I haven't seen her in a few weeks and I was wondering if I could just make sure that she's okay...was she transferred to another location? I'm sure many people miss seeing her. She is a black lady on the corner of 8th and 33rd who is always singing...

Thanks so much for your help!

I never received a response...and it made me worry even more. What if something happened to her and they felt bad telling me?

I STILL wonder about that lady!

I even based a character on her in a play once.

But I never saw her again.

Last week, I was coming home from a show (Harry Connick, Jr. in On a Clear Day You Can See Forever) and a train conductor started talking to me. I caught-up with him a few months ago...he was aware I was out-of-work and noticed I wasn't on the train regularly anymore. He had told me that he thought I had retired or ran-off to Paris with a guy.

But, oh no.

I wish!

He told me he didn't want to be nosy, but asked what field I was in...and that he'd keep his ears open for me and would be thinking the best thoughts for me, because, his exact words...he had been working on this train for over ten years and I have ALWAYS been one of his most pleasant passengers.

That made me cry the second I walked away.

He made my day...and on a day where I had gotten Harry Connick, Jr.'s autograph...that is saying a lot.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to this very nice man who is a train conductor.

I realized...I was kinda like the singing AM NY lady to this train conductor! (And I didn't even have to sing!) I didn't realize that any train conductor could possibly notice me enough to be concerned about what happened to me...and maybe the singing AM NY lady would never think that I still think about her today. (I did take this as a sign that I would one day run into her and I'll see she's doing great and I can tell her this personally.)

Somebody told me that out of the hundreds of people he has seen every day for the past ten-plus years, I was one of the most pleasant. You know what? That's enough for me right now! It has to be. This goes hand-in-hand with my previous entry. You just have to hold onto the hope that good things WILL happen for good people. Right now, I'm not winning Tonys (or Emmys. Or Oscars. Or...) I don't have a fancy schmancy job. Or even an actual job. I'm not paired-off with a man (which I find many people consider the pinnacle of success!) But...I'm one of the nicest person out of the thousands that this guy has dealt with over the years! That says something. That says a lot. And I can't forget that right now.

Diana Rissetto

Friday, January 13, 2012

Focusing on nice things happening to nice people.

It's a brutal world out there. 

This past year, I have let it get to me that sometimes not-so-good people do amazingly well in this world. They become powerful and successful. They have devoted followers, despite the fact that these people KNOW how "bad' the person they are supporting is.(If you want to get technical...I mean...hey...look at what happened with Hitler.) It makes being a good person and working hard seem really, really pointless to watch those who have no regard for other human beings flourish.

However...the other hit me.

Why am I wasting my time on these people?

Why can't I do just the opposite?

Two months ago, I watched Cheyenne Jackson, somebody I love very much as a person and think the world of,  stand on stage at Carnegie Hall to a sold-out crowd. I know from personal experience that Cheyenne is a wonderful, kind person who treats everybody he meets with respect. Watching him get standing ovations and seeing his face everywhere and knowing how much he deserves it cancels things-out a bit.

Last night, I saw Harry Connick, Jr. on Broadway. I have been a huge fan since I was in the fourth grade. I think he's the BEST live act I have ever seen. When I was 13, I learned that Harry is also an incredibly nice guy who called me to thank me for making a pillow for his newborn baby. After that, I knew I'd always be a fan and constantly will tell people that story as proof that Harry is a stand-up sweet and thoughtful as he is talented and handsome. As I watched people screaming his name last night (and they were actually screaming his name)

There are dozens of others I can name off the top of my head, and those are just people that I have dealt with personally. Of course, there are countless others. (I mean...Taylor Swift seems like a really good kid!) 

All of this good cancels-out the bad. 

No, no. It all doesn't just "cancel-out" the bad guys. It OUTWEIGHS them. By FAR.

Diana Rissetto 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I have no idea what is going on in this video, but it's pretty funny

One of my favorite entertainers (he takes passenger seat to Harry Connick, Jr...and only because he's younger), Peter Cincotti, sings with Tony Danza.

(I once said I would write a book filled with heartwarming stories about growing-up Italian-American and call it Hey! Get Your Elbow out of my Prosciutto. My cousin once said that to me...because I, you know, had my elbow in his prosciutto...and I thought it was the funniest thing ever said. Not long after that, I heard Tony Danza had released a cookbook with a title along the lines of Don't Fill-up on the Anti-Pasta, which sounds like it could be the sequel to Hey! Get Your Elbow out of my Prosciutto. Everybody knows one of my goals is to collaborate with Peter Cinoctti, and now I feel like Tony Danza will just also have to be in the mix in there somewhere when we do.)

Monday, January 9, 2012

A sign?

Last year, my friend highly recommended the book Meeting Your Half Orange: An Utterly Upbeat Guide to Using Dating Optimism to Find Your Perfect Match by Amy Spencer. 

I finally got around to reading it. (It was actually the very first book I put on my brand-new Kindle...which was a Christmas present. Well, it was one of the first...I also downloaded an insider's view of Auschwitz, complete with very graphic descriptions of the gas chambers. There might be reasons why I don't sleep.) 

I contacted my friend several times while I was reading it to tell her how much I was enjoying it and "learning" from it. It's very much like The Secret, applied to dating. 

Think positively, envision it happening, know it's all possible and the Universe will provide.

I thought the Universe providing...very quickly and randomly...and it freaked me out the other night.

I was sitting on my bed reading the book on Friday and I heard the text message alert on my phone go-off.

And kept going-off. Many times.

I finally went-over to pick it up in case I had a friend who had fallen into a ditch and was only able to text me.

But, oh no.

There were at least five text messages from numbers I did not recognize, saying things like, "I'm (here) if you want to meet-up!" "Want to grab a drink?"




The Universe was providing.

Obviously one of these text-senders was a dead-ringer for Jake Gyllenhaal and had a creative side and was wonderful with children. He raised seeing eye dogs. He loved his grandmother. 

Thank you, Universe!

I scrolled-up and realized my friend had sent-out a mass text to his friends in the area, asking if anybody had anything fun going-on that Friday night. 

All those texts?

They were sent in response to that question. (I had no idea that responses to a mass text went to EVERYBODY that mass text was sent to.)

Still, though...was this a sign? I have no idea who all of these numbers belonged to. They could have been married or women or 82.

What I do know is that at any given moment, your cellphone can light-up with a bunch of messages from people asking you to meet-up with them...and maybe sometimes it's worth taking a leap of faith and say yes (especially when you're doing nothing beside reading a book on how to meet people.)

Diana Rissetto