Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today, at the supermarket...

It was packed due to the upcoming hurricane and I had about twenty items in my cart.

I was on a very long line and the lady behind me said, "Ma'am?" (why is somebody older than me even CALLING me 'Ma'am'?) "You should get on one of the express lines."

I told her, no...that I actually had twenty items and the next express line was for Fifteen Items or Fewer.

One of the workers told me to get into the line for Seven Items or Fewer.

It's their place, so I got onto the line...but only as  I apologized to the people who ended-up lining-up behind me, because I was convinced they were cursing to themselves that I snuck onto that line with thirteen excess items.

(I don't think they cared.)

I think my worrying and apologies are quite overkill...

Diana Rissetto