Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sometimes you need a pep talk from a total stranger to give you a push.

Last week, I ventured way out of my usual boundaries and went to Washington DC. I have never been to Washington DC, as much as a US History geek I am. I realized there are indeed OTHER cities out there besides that "island in two rivers."

While I was there, I was able to catch my old friend, Sebastian Arcelus, in A Time to Kill. 

Sebastian is one of those people that you talk to and walk away saying, "His parents did a wonderful job raising him! In fact, if I had a son that was about five years older than I am...I hope he would be as nice a young man as Sebastian!"

I have seen Sebastian in so many productions in New York City, so it was fun to see him in a small theater in a new city. Since I was sitting alone, I did what I always do and started talking to the person sitting next to me, an older woman who commented on how, judging from the bios in the programs, it seemed like all the actors in the show usually did musicals. I told her, "Yes, my friend is the lead and I've never seen him in a show that wasn't a musical!"

I then went-on to sing Sebastian's praises. He's just such a nice guy! He really is! Full of so much joy and goodness and it's lovely seeing somebody like him find success on stage!

She asked me if he was a romantic interest, and I laughed and said, no...he's a friend and also married to a beautiful Broadway star.

We kept talking and I told her how I was from the NYC area and had lost my job in November and that I was also a playwright.

Total Stranger Lady then went on-and-on about how she couldn't believe I would have a struggle finding a job because, her exact words:


She told me I had a light about me, that I was beautiful and so cute  and funny and that she wished she could help me out.

She asked me about the plays I've written and when I told her about the one that was off-Broadway last year, she said that, by the title alone, she could tell it was DELIGHTFUL.

She then brought-up that I really, REALLY needed to meet her son, who was single, lived in New York City, had a great job, owned his own place and really loved Les Miserables when she took him to see it at the Kennedy Center when he was in high school.

She and her husband gave the show a standing ovation at the end and told me to tell my friend that he had been fantastic.

As I said goodbye to my new friend, she wished me good luck and told me that, in her book, I had already gotten the "cutest girl job".

She told me everything was going to be just great for me...that she just "knew it."

Maybe I should be offended by being judged by my appearance or cute factor and I'm sure many feminists would have been, but I've learned to never turn down a compliment.

I had a bit of an emotional struggle that weekend due to other events, so perhaps that Total Stranger Lady entered my life when I needed her the most.

I promise, Total Stranger Lady,  as SOON as I start to figure ANYTHING out, I am going to "pay it forward" and give advice to the random lost young disheartened person sitting next to me at a play.

I promise.

Diana Rissetto