Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A few months ago, I made a Vision Board.

(Yes, I am trying to follow The Secret.)

It was easy to fill with images of things I would like for my life...

My idol, Wendy Wasserstein...brilliant, hilarious, relatable. She also had crazy curly hair and a young-sounding voice. Here she is triumphantly throwing her arms in the air after she won her Pulitzer for The Heidi Chronicles.

Sebastian Arcelus and Stephanie J. Block. I had been friendly with Sebastian for years and even though I don't know Stephanie, they just look and seem SO happy together. I want that! I absolutely want that!

I filled it with other things...cute little kids with curly hair, a logo for Family Channel 25 Days of Christmas (I want my play Pigeons, Knishes and Rockettes to one day be in that lineup).

Today I realized something else that I want, that I need to envision for my future.

Woody Allen failed out of a film course at NYU. Woody of the most brilliant writers of our time. (My name was almost Annie Hall.)


I have hit a rather rough patch lately and I am going to remember that...and I am imagining, twenty years from now...I'll be on one of those lists of "Can Ya Believe It?"

"Can 'ya believe it...that Diana Rissetto was laid-off from THREE jobs in theatrical offices before she won her Tonys? Wow!"

Envision. Envision. Envision.

Diana Rissetto

Guess that's why they call it the blues...

Singing along to Elton John songs as I apply to jobs. (Beats the Military Channel, my usual background noise as I submit away. I am starting to have nightmares that I am trapped in war-related situations and I am worried about finding a job...I also wake-up and realize how fortunate I am from those dreams, though.)

Diana Rissetto

Feel Better, Judge Judy

Ever since a certain legendary news anchor yelled at me and you grabbed me by the hand and told me not to worry about her...I have felt a connection with you, Judge Judy.

Get better soon!

Diana Rissetto