Sunday, March 20, 2011

And this is what we call "perspective."

Yesterday, I had a ticket for a matinee performance of a show that was only running for three days. I had a friend in one of the leading roles and he is one of my favorite people to watch on stage. I have also have a very limited social life these days and miss being in New York City daily so much.

And then they announced that trains were suspended.

(Oh, NJ Transit. Don't you ever change.)

I silently "grrrrr"ed to myself and cursed my bad luck.

And then I heard the people next to me talk about how they were waiting for the train so they could visit a 10-year-old girl at Sloan Kettering who had cancer.

And that is what we call "perspective."

Diana Rissetto

Last night, I saw a girl wearing that bearhead thing Ke$ha has on in my previous entry.

I couldn't believe it.

Has Ke$ha started a trend or is she following one? Are capes with bearheads on top the in thing this spring?

I saw this girl (and her bearhead cape thing) going into the same show I saw last night. After the show, I said to my friend, "Did you see that girl in the bearhead cape thing???" She told me she hadn't, and then when we left the theater, she shushed me because the girl in her bearhead cape thing was standing right there (and I was talking about her.)

Personally, I think if you're going-out in a cape with a bearhead hood, you really should expect people to talk about you. I think you would also be a bit surprised and disappointed if people didn't.

Diana Rissetto