Saturday, January 22, 2011

30 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 1.

A photo of yourself and a description of your day.

I am currently on a hunt for a job. (My fourth since I graduated college.)

I have had a seasonal job since November, but since the season is over, I need to find another part-time job to hold me over until my next full-time job comes along. Today I put on my warmest coat (color: rasberry dazzler) with my matching beret (I had on the same ensemble when I ran into a certain two-time Tony nominated actor recently. He told me, "Aren't you looking adorable in your little mauve motif!" Thank you, Gavin Creel. Thank you.)

I decided I wanted to wait tables. I have never done this before, and figured I should...just to say that I did. My mother told me it was a bad idea. (I think she has seen me crash into way too many things and fall down one-too-many flights of steps.)

Whether or not I would have been good at this, we will never know...apparently restaurants don't want you unless you have experience. (And how am I supposed to get that experience?)

I then went into a number of small retail shoppes (because that "e" at the end makes it look so quaint) . No luck. Anywhere. Not even at the yarn shop.

(For people just joining this blog, in August, a play I wrote which involved a magical yarn shop.)

I almost yelled at the woman in this yarn shop (which didn't seem very magical), "I'm sorry. BUT DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"

I came home after about five hours still jobless and freezing cold.

I am incredibly frustrated. I have never been completely without a job for this long. Even after college, although it took me two years to find a job, I worked full-time at Barnes and Noble the entire time.

I'm doing my best. I am applying to everything. Something will come along...............................

Diana Rissetto

The people who TRULY care about you are also the ones who will yell when you need it.

Maybe I'm letting boredom getting to me. Or the cold. Or money issues. Maybe I'm constantly reliving something that happened three months ago over and over in my head and wondering when I'll ever get over it and how badly it made me feel.

It's actually all of those things. Combined. A very bad combination.

I type without thinking. I type to comfort myself. I don't know how people who aren't comfortable writing are able to clear their minds. These past few weeks, I have been rambling in emails to a very select couple of friends who I know I can count on and who know the details my situation well.

However, I also often type and end-up getting myself into a lot of trouble. My mother always warned me not to put anything in writing...but I really don't know any other way to be.

Yesterday, I got a phone call in which my friend started with, "I'm calling you instead of emaling you back. And I hope you know I say this with all the love and support in the world..."


I was told I have to snap out of it, transform all this stress and bad energy I am feeling into something positive (like writing a future Pulitzer winner!) and not let other people dictate how I feel about myself.

The people who don't want to listen to you will walk away and not bother with you once you turn into a raving lunatic. It's a good way to find-out exactly who you can trust, who will be there for you when you're not feeling exactly optimistic about life.

Diana Rissetto