Monday, January 3, 2011

I feel like I could use a self-confidence seminar sometimes.

People I am close to are well-aware of the fact, but others are usually fooled. I'm outgoing. I laugh a lot. I'm comfortable being silly. I'm well aware that I'm a little unusual, and am okay and unapologetic about that. (I don't think I'm overtly weird. I got my own drum thing going, though.)

I don't act like somebody who is lacking in self-esteem...even though I very much so am (sometimes).

The other day, I saw a relative I barely see. The first words out of her mouth were, "My friends all LOVE your facebook statuses! They say how hysterical you are...and I tell them how one-of-a-kind and awesome you are."

Okay, since I have a private facebook, this means my cousin actually has to make an effort to share my statuses with people that don't even know me. People I have never met think I'm hysterical and look forward to my updates. I don't think enough of anybody's random updates or blogs to bother sharing them with people that they don't know.

If these friends of a relative think I'm so great and funny, why shouldn't I? Why should I ever be lacking in any kind of confidence? I SHOULD feel good about myself. I SHOULD realize that I'm of very much worth and that many people would love to be my friends or pay admission to sit through a play I wrote.

I think the world needs more funny women. I'm happy to know that strangers think I am hysterical and one-of-a-kind.

Diana Rissetto