Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Perhaps one day I'll stop doing stupid, emotionally naive things...

...and will no longer walk right into getting hurt and feeling bad and secondguessing myself.

I heard once that everybody is basically doing their best and acting the only way they know how...so, when somebody hurts you, it's not because they want to hurt you, they don't enjoy seeing you in pain and it's not because they dislike you or don't care about your feelings.

The other night (the night before Christmas Eve), I once again went against my better judgement and ended-up feeling terrible when somebody didn't act the way I wanted them to. I felt let-down and very hurt and confused. I actually thought for a few minutes, "Maybe I don't deserve this response...maybe it's me..." But of course it's not me.

I'm not angry, but I am a little sad and confused.

Feeling disregarded and blown-off hurts a lot...so that's when you have to surround yourselves with the people who really DO treat you like you're important.

I still feel bad...but I'll get over it. I know that person didn't mean to hurt me.

Writers are sensitive, emotional, overthinking people..................................................

Diana Rissetto

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Net said...

While I agree you're sensitive, I don't think it's a bad think. Or emotional. And I refuse to say you're overthinking as that starts to sound like blame!

I agree that the behavior is more about that person than you. Your reaction is more about you than that person, as it would have to be intentional and mean for YOU to act like that. So in many ways, you being so hurt is a reflection of yourself - that you're not someone who would do that, so you attribute more to it for that very reason.

You do deserve better, and just know there are many of us who love you!