Thursday, December 22, 2011

I always look for crying people in elevators.

Four years ago, I was hysterical crying in an elevator and a woman I barely knew from my workplace took pity on me, calmed me down in her office and made sure I got home okay. (It was my last day in that workplace.)

I never forgot about her and ever since then, I always look for crying people in elevators...or on the bus...or in the street...that might need somebody to reach-out to them. I haven't done much yet...I always ask people (usually young women!) "Are you okay?" if they're crying. (It's a stupid question. They're obviously not. They're crying!)

A few weeks ago, I was in that very same elevator going to a job interview and spotted that very same lady.

I didn't say anything, but I instantly remembered that day four years ago, and how she helped me and was my friend that day.

I sent her flowers when I got home.

I wrote in the card that I saw her in the elevator but didn't get to talk to her and that it reminded me of how nice she was to me that day...and that those flowers were four years overdue.

She emailed me to thank me (she had kept me on file) but I think those flowers probably made ME feel better than they did her. I feel like getting flowers from somebody you barely know four years after doing a nice deed for them HAS to make your day. I know it would make my day! And knowing you've made somebody's day MAKES YOUR DAY RIGHT BACK!

I told this story in my Positive Thinking Class.

They all clapped for me and the instructor said my good deed would come back to me.

I think it already DID come back to me. It made me feel great.

Diana Rissetto

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Corey B said...

Back in September I was flying to a wedding and behind me in line two people was a girl, about 15 or so, bawling her eyes out. I felt so bad for her but wasn't sure what to do. The lady behind me didn't have that problem, she just wrapped the girl up in a hug and told her everything would be okay. They definitely weren't together and the lady didn't know her at all but that's what the girl needed (she was traveling with her younger brother). Turns out the girl and her brother were flying back home after coming to visit friends they had to move away from. She said that the new kids were mean to her and she missed the friends that loved her. It broke my heart and me and the woman told her it'd get better. Afterwards I told the random lady that it really touched me how she just reached out and gave the girl a huge hug. Nowadays you sometimes worry about that stuff with people being all stupid. She was so gracious but it really touched me.

That was sweet of you and I bet it meant more to her than you think.