Sunday, August 28, 2011

Things that are making me laugh right now...

Every so often, a single line from a movie or a show on stage cracks me up beyond understanding and I am the only person in the entire audience laughing.

In the movie One Day (which, I am sorry, was really not nearly as good as the book, but I think the book was pretty brilliant), it's when Anne Hathaway, as she and her male friend discuss the importance of laughter in a relationship and says, of her ex-boyfriend:

"The only time he made me laugh was when he fell down the stairs."

I "HA'D!"

I can't help it.

It just struck me as so funny.

Also hilarious...this commercial:

That little boy throwing his arms up and looking all Crazy Muppet...I...just...can't. It's so funny!

Diana Rissetto

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