Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I recently saw the movie One Day...

...and the book was a lot better. However, perhaps that isn't saying much, because the book was so beautiful and deep and compelling that I am sure it is a lot better than most movies.

There is one part of the book I particularly loved and which the film particularly changed to my dismay. Dexter writes his "best female friend with a grey zone" Emma a long letter, which, of course, is never delivered to her. (This was long before email. I miss writing letters!) Of course, that's always the risk you take when mailing a letter!

He begins the note explaining that he has just had several beers and continues to drink as he writes.

This is the most Dexter ever says to Emma about how he feels about her and what he thinks of her. He thinks she is brilliant and beautiful and the funniest person he knows. He wants her to leave her crummy job and flat and join him in India.

She never gets that letter and perhaps if she did, the story would have went in a very different direction.

I started wondering if, what if Dexter wasn't even drinking? What if he just talked about those beers so he could be completely free with the things he was telling Emma, and then she would never quite take those things seriously because he was so drunk.

Since these aren't real people, I can only relate it to my own life.

I am 100% guilty or writing long letters completely pouring-out my heart and, usually, regretting it. You're supposed to wait something like 48 hours before you send an emotionally charged email. I probably wait about 48 seconds. I've tried that whole trick where you just write the letter and destroy it, but that doesn't work for me.

I need to press send. I'm a writer...I am the most comfortable expressing myself through writing.

I so very rarely drink, but I am starting to wonder if I should have been, all this time, confessing to having a little too much in me in some of these long-winded emails. That way, you don't have to own-up to anything you are saying if the person isn't taking you seriously.

It's like saying, "Just kidding!" after saying something you completely meant.

I really don't think I'll ever learn my lesson. I really don't think I will ever stop sending long letters/emails pouring-out my heart forty-eight seconds after I've written them.

Maybe it's a good way to weed out the people that I really don't need in my life, because if somebody thought I was as stellar as Dexter thought Emma was, I don't think a crazy email would do anything to change it.

If you can't handle a rambling, heart-pouring-out, very soberly written letter from me................................

Diana Rissetto

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