Monday, July 25, 2011

Thoughts on the final Harry Potter film...

As much as I absolutely adored the Harry Potter series (working in the children's department of Barnes and Noble for most of the series, they were very hard to avoid...and we can't forget the release parties I worked..."Midnight Madness"...I dressed-up as Hermione and I made a pretty fantastic Hermione. I'm sure most petite, young-looking brunettes with insane amounts of curly hair do, though.) I was never as into the movies, and didn't even SEE any of the movies until the last book had come-out...because that was all I had left.

My main issue with the movies?

They cut-out so many of my favorite Ron and Hermione moments.

Emma Watson and Rupert Grint?

Wonderful. Adorable. Terrific chemistry.

I could seriously just squish them both.

Look at how cute they were when they were little!

Couldn't you just squish them?

It's not THEIR fault that the movies cut-out so many great moments.

(Seriously? Did Ron holding Hermione and stroking her hair when she was sobbing at Dumbledore's funeral mean NOTHING to Chris Columbus?)

While everybody else in my movie theatre cheered whenever a bad guy died (or, you know, blew-up), I cheered when Ron and Hermione first (and finally!) kissed.

Nobody else did.

Does nobody else appreciate the greatest literary love story of our time?

The movie, as a whole, was lovely and powerful (even though they cut-out the scene when Hermione is being tortured and Ron offers his own life to save hers...whatever!) and a wonderful end to a wonderful adventure.

I also watched the JR Rowling life story TV movie on Lifetime recently and needed a towel during I WEPT. The writer in me cried...the Harry Potter fan in me cried...the frustrated unemployed girl in me cried. Such an inspiring story...I definitely needed to be reminded of how much is possible if one just uses their talents.

(Ron and Hermione will always be my favorite parts of the entire empire, though.)

Diana Rissetto

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