Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do dreams reveal our hidden fears?

Last night, I had a dream that my sister moved to a new development and I was visiting. We were in a very elaborate lobby of some sort. I saw a young man in a business suit walk by and realized it was this guy I used to work with at Barnes and Noble.

His name was Sean and I haven't spoken to him in years.

Although in the beginning, I definitely had a crush on Sean, our relationship ended-up with having coworkers asking us, "Were you two brother and sister in a past life or something?" and separating us because we'd fight. ("YOU! Children's department. YOU! Bargain.")

But I was still very fond of the guy.

In my dream, I was so excited to see him! It had been years!

I called-out, "SEAN! HI!"

Sean turned-around and very casually said, "Hi Diana."

And left.

It somehow would have hurt LESS had he not remembered me at all than had he remembered me perfectly, called me by name and so nonchalantly walked away.

I was wondering what this dream meant.

It could mean that I really really miss Sean and want to reconnect with him.

Sadly, Sean has a very common last name and there are thousands of him on Facebook. And even though I have dozens of old Barnes and Noble coworkers as friends on there, I don't think any of THEM have Sean as their friend.

Oh, well. Whatever he's doing in this world...I hope he's happy.

It could also go along with things I am currently battling in my life that don't have anything to do with Sean at all. In the recent past, at least three people I thought were pretty important in my life more or less left it without looking back. (Just like Sean did in that dream.)

Maybe I'm really struggling with this, wondering why I was so easy to leave and what about me is just so unforgettable for all of these people.

Or maybe it really IS a sign that I need to reconnect with Sean.

Maybe he has the power to change my life right now or something.

Maybe I need to spend the next five hours weeding through all the guys with his name on Facebook...............................

Diana Rissetto

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