Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lesson on why you should never overreact....

I generally don't like it when people get all vocally depressed about their birthdays. All those "I'm soooooooooo old!" Facebook statuses are just annoying (and, not to mention, attention-seeking. If you were genuinely upset, you wouldn't be bringing attention to it.)

However, this year, I am feeling it a bit, because I'm struggling with a few things and am also pretty bored, which gives me more time to obsess and worry.

On Thursday, I ripped open a birthday card from a relative which was a funny card about how my body is falling apart and I am sooooooo old.

I still get carded at Rated R movies and I plan to age JUST like Bernadette Peters (long curly hair and fair skin) but I'm old. The card told me so.

I was really annoyed. Not a nice card to get.

I was upset at the relative for being so insensitive and sending such a card to a girl in my position.

I was really letting that card get to me.

And then on Friday, I get another envelope from the same relative. Inside, a perfectly lovely floral birthday card.

I said, "Why did they send me two cards?"

And then realized...


I had accidentally opened a birthday card meant for somebody else.

That "You're falling apart, you're so old!" card"

Was meant for a man in his sixties.

I don't know HOW I missed that it wasn't my name in the envelope OR IN THE CARD.

I feel so dumb and like such an overly sensitive freak, but it was really kinda comedic.

Diana Rissetto

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