Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Despite the fact that most people think I am Jewish upon meeting me or seeing my picture (I got three requests for my phone number at a Purim party a few years ago...), I am actually Catholic. (I won't even bring-up the fact that whenever people assume I am Jewish, I always think, "I'm not sure what really made you think that...the crucifix dangling around my neck? My Italian last name? The fact that I have church volunteer stuff on my resume?" (because, believe it or not, it's come-up in job interviews.)

Today is Ash Wednesday. I got my ashes and last night, I decided what to give-up.

I can't give-up chocolate for Lent. Giving-up chocolate for Lent would mean giving-up mini-Cadbury eggs for the entire year. (Although, some years, they also come-out for Christmas in red, green and white.)

I am giving-up Facebook.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not addicted to Facebook. I am, however, addicted to updating my Facebook status and so many people tell me how they log into Facebook JUST to read my Facebook statuses. Somebody even recently told me at a WAKE that they were hilarious. I don't try hard, strange things just happen to me and I can't help but share it with my 400-so friends.

But, for the next forty days, I will not log-in.

I have a friend who is also giving-up Facebook for Lent, and by afternoon, she was saying how free she felt. Not long after, I realized I was feeling the same way and IMed her.

you're facebook=very freeing.

i might not go back!

because, honestly, I WAS wondering what was going on in my old office and kept checking my formers coworkers' statuses for clues. but now I don't know!!!!!!!!!!!!
and I was occasionally checking (boy I consider to be The One that Got Away) girlfriend's page to make sure there wasn't an engagement ring announcement but now I don't know!! And I am thrilled!

i was obsessed with my hs friends' babies and houses
and now i'm not!

it's amazing
How did people compare themselves to others and feel badly about themselves back in Walnut Grove?

It has been said that ignorance is bliss, and perhaps the Facebook Lent Experiment of 2010 will prove just that and my friend and I will BOTH be blissfully happy by Easter.

Diana Rissetto


Anetra said...

Good for you guys! I am giving up Twitter for much of the same reason. It's a time suck and I stay on there for hours comparing my life to people I follow. Wishing you love, hope, and peace this Lent.

Ken Symes said...

Good luck on the Facebook fast. God may have something valuable for you in this experience.

There are good reasons for giving up chocolate, even Cadbury eggs. You'd be surprised why I'm giving up chocolate for Lent. I know I was surprised by these facts about Cadbury.

Giving up chocolate for Lent, maybe for life by Ken Symes