Thursday, March 10, 2011

Instead of...

Last week, after a particularly rough couple of days, I got a handwritten card in the mail from one of my best friends. I called her right away to thank her and realized I could barely get the words-out because I was crying so much. I really was just so overwhelmed that somebody (over the age of ten) cared enough about me to cut-out pictures and make me a card that listed the reasons why I was special and loved. She put in reminders of special things (the logo from the off-Broadway show) I wrote and of the remarkable people I could count as friends (the late Frank Sinatra.)

This week, I found myself incredibly let-down by other people. I expected more from them, for them to be a little nicer and to care more about my feelings and was just genuinely disappointed in them.

I realized that I can't focus on that. I need to focus on the people that care about me enough to send me handwritten cards like that...if all I had were people who let me down, it would be one thing...but it's not. I have a lot of people that love me, that I know I can count on in the worst of times, will tell me the brutal truth when I need to hear it and will laugh at the thousands of inside jokes that only we could ever get.

I'm good. It's all good.

Diana Rissetto

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