Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm just going to laugh.

My 20-month-old nephew has the power to make me feel just like Jerry Seinfeld. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I love him so much and why he's managed to become one of my favorite people in the world, despite the fact that I haven't known him too long.

I was sitting across from him the other night and I made a face. It wasn't a particularly funny face...but it was a face.

Andrew started laughing.

And laughing.

And laughing.

I have never made anybody laugh that much in my life.

He would stop laughing...I would make that face again...and off he would go again.

A genuine belly laugh from a very little there anything better in the world than that?

I remember hearing that if you're not feeling happy, you should smile anyway, and it will trick your brain into thinking you are happy and you will feel happier.

If a little smile can apparently do that much good, can you imagine how much laughing like little Andrew was laughing at my face could do for one's mood?

I'm going to be honest, the past few months, I have been crying a lot more than I have been laughing...and there is no reason for that. As trite as it sounds, I have to keep reminding myself of everything that I DO have and how lucky I am. Sometimes it's not enough, though, and you remember a moment, or a day, when you were incredibly happy and felt fantastic about yourself...and wonder where those feelings have gone and why you can't feel them all the time.

I am taking a lesson from little Andrew...and I am going to laugh even when things aren't funny. (I mean, really? My face couldn't have been THAT funny.)

When I am frustrated, sad, apprehensive, worrying relentlessly about the future? I am going to laugh. Hysterically.

When I realize I have a hole in my tights when I am running-out the door? I am going to start laughing.

When my allergies are so bad I can't see straight? Laugh. Laugh. Laugh.

When somebody hurts me...really hurts me...and lets me down (it's been happening often lately)whether they meant to or not? It might be really difficult...but I am going to laugh. (And then I'm going to laugh at them.)

You learn something else watching little kids, moment, they are crying and screaming and throwing things...and the next...they are happy. It really IS that easy to feel better, despite how hard it might feel at the time.

I am going to start using my new approach to life tomorrow...and I have a feeling it could really help...

Diana Rissetto

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