Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A few months ago, I made a Vision Board.

(Yes, I am trying to follow The Secret.)

It was easy to fill with images of things I would like for my life...

My idol, Wendy Wasserstein...brilliant, hilarious, relatable. She also had crazy curly hair and a young-sounding voice. Here she is triumphantly throwing her arms in the air after she won her Pulitzer for The Heidi Chronicles.

Sebastian Arcelus and Stephanie J. Block. I had been friendly with Sebastian for years and even though I don't know Stephanie, they just look and seem SO happy together. I want that! I absolutely want that!

I filled it with other things...cute little kids with curly hair, a logo for Family Channel 25 Days of Christmas (I want my play Pigeons, Knishes and Rockettes to one day be in that lineup).

Today I realized something else that I want, that I need to envision for my future.

Woody Allen failed out of a film course at NYU. Woody of the most brilliant writers of our time. (My name was almost Annie Hall.)


I have hit a rather rough patch lately and I am going to remember that...and I am imagining, twenty years from now...I'll be on one of those lists of "Can Ya Believe It?"

"Can 'ya believe it...that Diana Rissetto was laid-off from THREE jobs in theatrical offices before she won her Tonys? Wow!"

Envision. Envision. Envision.

Diana Rissetto

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