Saturday, January 22, 2011

30 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 1.

A photo of yourself and a description of your day.

I am currently on a hunt for a job. (My fourth since I graduated college.)

I have had a seasonal job since November, but since the season is over, I need to find another part-time job to hold me over until my next full-time job comes along. Today I put on my warmest coat (color: rasberry dazzler) with my matching beret (I had on the same ensemble when I ran into a certain two-time Tony nominated actor recently. He told me, "Aren't you looking adorable in your little mauve motif!" Thank you, Gavin Creel. Thank you.)

I decided I wanted to wait tables. I have never done this before, and figured I should...just to say that I did. My mother told me it was a bad idea. (I think she has seen me crash into way too many things and fall down one-too-many flights of steps.)

Whether or not I would have been good at this, we will never know...apparently restaurants don't want you unless you have experience. (And how am I supposed to get that experience?)

I then went into a number of small retail shoppes (because that "e" at the end makes it look so quaint) . No luck. Anywhere. Not even at the yarn shop.

(For people just joining this blog, in August, a play I wrote which involved a magical yarn shop.)

I almost yelled at the woman in this yarn shop (which didn't seem very magical), "I'm sorry. BUT DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"

I came home after about five hours still jobless and freezing cold.

I am incredibly frustrated. I have never been completely without a job for this long. Even after college, although it took me two years to find a job, I worked full-time at Barnes and Noble the entire time.

I'm doing my best. I am applying to everything. Something will come along...............................

Diana Rissetto

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