Monday, August 2, 2010

I am really happy... less than two weeks, I am making my full-length New York City theatrical debut.

And not only that, this full-length play is a sweet, happy, dorky, sentimental romantic comedy.

Last night, I watched our two adorable young romantic leads and realized that I really HAD authentically written a sweet, happy, dorky, sentimental romantic comedy...I have watched those things my entire life!

I will never turn-off the likes of Never Been Kissed or Circle of Friends...stories of nice girls that are often overlooked until things suddenly turn-around for them.

It makes me so happy to know that there's still room in this world for nice girls and nice stories!

Knit scarves play an important part in this show, and the scarf MUST perfectly match the romantic lead's, why wouldn't I wander around the craft store with this young man's headshot in hand, trying to correctly match the shade and getting approval from the cashier before I did so?

While recounting this story hours later, I realized that I had, indeed, lost it...

But I'm glad to be losing it...I'm glad to be having this experience.

Diana Rissetto