Sunday, July 18, 2010

I say...let the old man dance.

My mom asked me if I saw this video yesterday...strangely, I hadn't...

I couldn't disagree more with the people protesting what this man and his family chose to do.

He survived. He is celebrating. He is not showing any disrespect to those who perished so horrifically on that very site.

Holocaust survivors have always fascinated me. I think it's an incredible tribute to the human spirit that these people were able to survive, and went-on to live, to love, to dream after everything they had seen.

When the movie United 93 came-out four years ago, people protested...however, that film had the full support of the family members of the victims. If people who had lost their loved ones on September 11th were okay with that film...who on earth is anybody else to judge?

I say, God bless Adolek and let him and his grandchildren dance.

He is living proof that the Nazis didn't succeed...and he should be celebrating that every single second.

Diana Rissetto