Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Complain complain complain

I have a friend on Facebook...I went to school with her, and said about three words to her over all those years, and now we're Facebook friends...which is more of friends than we ever were in the past.

She always seemed like a perfectly nice person, and I never had anything against her. I wish her happiness and health and blessings, as I do anybody.

However, every day, my Facebook feed is clogged with a good five status updates a day from her, complaining about her life. And not just..."I'm having a bad day" but a full paragraph detailing all of her problems.

She complains about everything...her job, her family, her health, her family's health problems, her car, her house, her mortgage, her hair, her dog...etc. etc. etc. I'm sure if she ever becomes pregnant, we will hear hourly complaints about that miracle as well.

A while ago, I heard my sister's father-in-law, a Vietnam vet's, philosophy and never forgot it..."As long as nobody is shooting at you...you're doing okay."

It's true.

So true.

I am very tempted to send this girl a message and ask her if she's heard about all those starving children in China yet.

Diana Rissetto