Saturday, May 29, 2010

A matter of perspective...

I saw a play the other night that was really really really not good.

As in, I might have sent a text message at intermission saying, "If Mia (my 4-year-old niece) wrote, directed and starred in her own one-woman show, it would look like A Streetcar Named Desire next to this thing."

(Actually, that play WOULD be pretty fun...)

The actors did the most with what they were given, and I really can't fault them, but they really looked pretty embarrassed up there. At curtain call, of course I applauded for them...but I really couldn't get over just how "really really really not good" this play was.

When I got home, I read through some reviews and found everybody else agreed with me.

I clicked-on the show's official Facebook page and found a series of photos of the cast...some were publicity shots, others were of the young actors hanging-out off-stage. They looked so happy! They looked like they were truly enjoying each they had formed lifelong bonds through this experience together.

They left comments on the photos saying things like "I love you!" and "This is such a great photo of us!"

It made me tear-up a bit. Not gonna lie.

And I realized...maybe it doesn't matter just how "really really really not good" that play was.

Maybe the happy looks on their faces and the friendships they'll have forever are all that matter...

As a playwright, I can only hope that one day I'll write something and have the actors react the same way...

Diana Rissetto