Saturday, May 1, 2010

You know what commercial I really hate?

The AT&T commercial (and my dad worked for AT&T my entire life) with the couple watching their son become president. It flashes backwards, and we learn that the couple met when the husband spotted the wife on the train and he was able to change his train ticket and jump into the seat across from her...all because he has an iPhone.

Now, this commercial is a killer for hopeless romantics who don't get out much...such as myself.

It makes me figure...what's the point of stressing about anything or even attempting to meet anybody? Why bother with stuff like and blind dates?

Why should I do ANY of that when there's a very good chance that I can end-up with the best "how we met" story EVER? I'm perfectly fine staying home and reading and only meeting gay guys when I DO go out...because I could very well meet the great love of my life like THIS!

I also don't own an iPhone...and this commercial makes me wonder if I really SHOULD get one for this soul purpose.

Rather genius advertisement, then. You have proved your point, AT&T.

Diana Rissetto