Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I have noticed that almost everyone has tried online dating...

...and that it's nothing to be ashamed of.

It's hard to meet people out there.

I received a message from a young man that has this written in his profile...

It would be nice if you did not weigh a ton. Curves are great, I love curves on a woman, but I do not have a huge figure, and you should not, either.


Now, I hope this guy knows that sure, this WILL prevent "huge" girls from responding to his ad, but it will also prevent size 2 girls from paying him any attention...because he's a shallow jerk.

And he also writes that he looks lousy in photos and is soooooooo much better looking in person...

Can i respond with...

It would be nice if you looked good in photos. I don't want to risk ruining vacation and wedding photos. And, of course, I would prefer to have photogenic children.

I sympathize with all of the nice, smart, lovely girls looking in this world, because there's a lot of bad stuff out there.

Stay strong, girls.

Diana Rissetto


The other morning, I was driving to the train station and making the left onto Route 35 from West Park Avenue.

(This means nothing unless you know the town.)

There are always cars coming in the opposite direction, so I do what I always do...I weight for a green arrow.

I love green arrows.

I personally think ALL traffic lights should have green arrows.

I was at the light, and the woman behind me was having a fit...waving her arms...yelling at me...blasting her horn.

When the light finally turned red, she buried her face in her hands.

I shook my head to myself.

What on earth are you in such a rush for?

If you were rushing to the hospital, certainly you wouldn't be driving YOURSELF.

Why can't everybody just calm down...relax...have some patience?

On the same day, I went to Starbucks, which I don't do too often, but I count a skim latte as a healthy dose of protein and calcium.

At 9:30 in midtown Manhattan, Starbucks is crazy.

As I was waiting for my drink, the woman waiting next to me was tapping her feet, huffing and occasionally saying, "Jesus CHRIST."

All because her mocha latte was taking too long.

If you are able to afford a $5 cup of coffee, then you really can't possibly have too many problems.

Turn on the television...look at the devastation in Haiti...and that thirty-second extra wait at a light or in Starbucks really doesn't seem too bad.

Diana Rissetto