Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Being snowed-in brings a certain element of crazy boredom.

I know, I know...people over twelve-years-0ld aren't SUPPOSED to complain about being "bored".

I filled my hours with writing a new play, which is almost done, but I'm still not quite happy with it.

I then watched a few hours of Adolf Hitler documentaries on the Military Channel. (Those shows are rather addictive.)

And then I thought, "Maybe I should call somebody-up and completely pour my heart-out to them."

If Drew Barrymore was playing me, it would have worked out extremely well. That person would have proclaimed his affections back. There would be a very happy ending.

However, I realized this is NOT a movie, I am NOT Drew Barrymore, and it's best to start a new novel than do anything so hopelessly romantic and drastic as that.

There is, though, a part of me that wonders, "Well...what if I did that???"


Diana Rissetto

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