Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I took my SAT's right after my father died.

I'm not sure exactly how much time had past...I think it was about a week.

I remember seeing people and they said to me, "Wait...didn't your father just die?"

And I'd say, "Yes. But I need to take my SAT's."

I did really well on the SAT's that time. I think it was a combination between the fact that I was remarkably at peace, but with a racing mind at the same time.

On Sunday night, I went to see The Merchant of Venice on Broadway. It was the opening night, and Lily Rabe was returning to the stage just two days (two days!) after her mother, Jill Clayburgh, died from cancer.

The moment she stepped on stage, I remembered taking those SAT's and how everybody thought I was strange...or maybe just really strong...for being able to do that...

She gave a beautiful performance, and broke-down at curtain call. And as Al Pacino (who was in a relationship with her mom for five years) gave her flowers, I think a lot of us in the audience cried, too.

I wanted to hug her and to tell her what I am sure she already knew...her mom was definitely with her that night.

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