Saturday, September 11, 2010

We've seen evil...

The other night, my friend asked me if I wanted to check-out the new Holocaust documentary which was being shown in a movie theatre...definitely not a light film for a date night. We talked about our mutual interest in Holocaust films and books...he's the grandson of survivors, and I'm a Catholic girl.

We both said how the only movies that really "scare" us are Holocaust movies. I said that I can never watch or read anything Holocaust-related movies or books any time near bedtime because it guarantees less sleep than I usually get. He said that it scares him because it really happened...and it happened to his family...

We watched the movie and the faces on the screen haunted me for the rest of the night.

How can this happen? How can people be so evil, so brainwashed? How can people do that to other people? I have always been so in love with the styles of the 1940's. Sometimes when I watch Holocaust movies, I feel so guilty for feeling that way...for "loving" this era when such horror was going on in other countries. Americans never realize how lucky they are.

And then something happens in our own backyard.

Right now, I'm watching MSNBC air 9/11: How it Happened....the coverage from the dark, horrible day minute-by-minute.

The building my family and I live in for most of my childhood can be seen in some of the footage. I always felt really safe in that building.

I think after September 11th, none of us will ever really feel safe ever again.

I know there is still evil in this world, and people are still brainwashed, and people do still do reprehensible things to other people...because we saw it with our own eyes on that day.

Never, never forgot...

Diana Rissetto

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