Saturday, September 11, 2010

I still think about her...

...a day or two after the World Trade Center was destroyed, the Today Show was interviewing a young woman.

Both her boyfriend and her brother had been working in the Twin Towers that day and there was no sign of either one of them.

She was young. She probably hadn't slept in two days. She was talking very fast, and even trying to joke around with Katie Couric, telling her that not too long ago, her boyfriend asked who Katie Couric was and, "Who doesn't know who Katie Couric is???"

I realized that there was no difference between her and me and my friends...except that she had two of the most important guys in her life in those buildings that day.

I didn't know this girl, but for some reason, I thought about her for a long time after the attacks. She put a face to this tragedy. I thought about the thousands of other people out there just like her. Everybody had a story. Everybody lost somebody they loved very much.

I still think about her, especially today. I hope she found strength in the weeks and years that followed that day. I hope she's okay.

Diana Rissetto

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