Sunday, August 29, 2010

How come we don't always believe our friends and family...

...but we believe total strangers?

People are always surprised to learn that I'm pretty lacking in self-confidence. I always have been. In fact, the main character in the play I just had produced is also lacking in self-confidence...but she's also happy and friendly and bubbly and bounces-off of walls...just like I do.

A friend who was helping me with my play told me I had to get to the root of her character...WHY was this girl so insecure, when she comes-off as anything but?

I told him if I was able to figure that out about a fictional character which I had created, I'd be able to figure it out for myself...and my life would be a lot easier!

Last week, I got a push from a person I had known for a half-hour to do something I normally would never do.

This random person I had only known a half-hour told me I was funny and smart and gorgeous with beautiful hair and that I had to be braver because I really had nothing to be so insecure about.

People who love us tell us stuff like that all the time...but we feel like they're telling us it for that very reason...because they love us.

But what did this random person I had only known for a half-hour owe me?

Nothing, really.

The fact that this person had all of this to say about me made me think maybe it's true! Maybe I have a lot of things to be confident about and there's no excuse to ever have any kind of Josie Geller 1989 outlook of life.

I feel like we meet people at exactly the right moments we are supposed to in life...and perhaps I needed to meet that person that night. I needed to hear all of that. I needed that push.

Diana Rissetto

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