Tuesday, August 3, 2010

High School reunions can be tricky...

I had mixed feelings when I started getting notices about my upcoming high school reunion.

"Why on earth would I want to go? Everybody I care to keep in touch with, I am in touch with."

"It would be kinda fun to go and see everybody in the same place at the same time."

"I have Facebook...isn't that the same thing as a reunion?"

"Well, I know that a lot of my friends are actually going...so maybe I will go..."

"Will I feel weird going alone? Should I bring along a date so I don't feel awkward?"

"I DO look okay that I can feel confidant going?"

"Wait...do I even LOOK any different than I did in high school? I probably should..."



I even had a dream about my high school reunion.

In my dream, our reunion was at the beach (which isn't that strange...we lived near the beach), but during broad daylight in some kind of a cabana.

I kept leaving and changing my clothes and going back.

(When I told my friend Matt...who will be reading this shortly after I pres "publish post"...he asked me what I was wearing because it could have been the key to understanding what the dream was telling me.)

There was also a rule at this reunion that we weren't allowed to use cellphones...because nobody had cellphones when we were in high school. (And life was simpler before cellphones and text messages and Facebook! So much simpler!)

This dream wasn't hard to analyze...I felt uneasy about going to my reunion and about how quickly time has passed on by.

I started to think, "Maybe I WILL just go to this reunion, as long as I promise to be as friendly and pleasant as possible and not come home feeling badly or inadequate in any way."

Just when I was deciding that I should go, I got the schedule for the new play I am doing...and realized there was a performance on that very day.

I found that I had something else to do besides go to my high school reunion...and it was a bit of a relief to me...I legitimately had something more important to do.

Maybe that girl changing dresses who didn't have a cellphone needed to hear just that...

Diana Rissetto

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