Monday, June 7, 2010

It's so easy to compare yourself to others in this day and age...

Technology makes it so easy.

It makes me wonder...exactly how did Laura and Almanzo and the rest of the gang make themselves feel bad by measuring themselves up to their old classmates without the likes of Facebook?

Or did they STILL do so, but had to wait until Mrs. Oleson published some gossipy newsletter about what all the graduates of the one room schoolhouse in Walnut Grove were up to?

I am absolutely guilty...guilty of logging-in and seeing pictures of people I wasn't even really friends with ten years ago...and feeling like I have somehow fallen behind...I don't have any pictures of my own wedding and kids and house and yard to share. It makes me wonder if I've taken some wrong turns and if things could be different right now had I made different decisions.

Why do I care about these people I wasn't even really friends with ten years ago, after all?

Who are they to me?

Last week, I was heading home after a long day in the 90 degree heat (however, throughout all the snowstorms we had last winter, I kept telling myself, "When it is superhot out and the city smells like pickles...don't complain. At all. It's better than this." And I won't. I swear.) I heard somebody calling my name.

I turned around and saw my next-door-neighbor from the 5th grade to college. I hadn't seen her in years.

We had many great walks to the bus stop together. She was always a good friend,k and we always shared a lot of laughs.

We caught-up, which took a while, since a lot had happened over the past ten years.

She kept bringing-up her mantra of, "Everything happens for a reason at the exact right time" and I realized that I ran into her for a reason because I really needed to hear that.

She told me that it seemed like I was really doing well, and that she was proud of me, and that my family must be really proud of me, too.

Things do happen for a reason, and it's funny how you run into an old friend who tells you that it seems like your life is going great...just when you needed to hear it the most because you were starting to doubt it...

Diana Rissetto

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