Saturday, June 26, 2010

Adrien Brody is a fantastic actor


He was brilliant in The Pianist. In one of the last scenes, the war has ended, Adrien has been liberated, and he is sitting at a piano. Somebody enters, Adrien turns and smiles, and that entire movie is summed-up in this beautiful, heartbreaking, genuine smile.

Love him.

Maybe that's why I seem to see him absolutely everywhere.

At least once a week, I have an Adrien Brody sighting in New York City.

On Friday morning, I could have SWORN I saw him outside of Port Authority.

I tried to look at this guy without staring too obviously, and focused on his nose...the famous Adrien Brody schnozz, which actually wasn't that big until he broke it on the set of Summer of Sam . It's now his signature feature.

Things do indeed happen for a reason.

I looked at his nose and thought to myself, "Well, if this IS Adrien Brody, then his nose isn't nearly as big in person."

Then my eyes left his nose and noticed that this guy was wearing a tanktop and his arms were absolutely covered in tattoos.


Adrien Brody isn't covered in tattoos.

So...unless Adrien Brody doesn't have a big nose in person and was doing a movie which involved having him covered in tattoos... wasn't Adrien Brody that I saw outside of Port Authority.

One day, a man is going to stop me for directions. I'll try to give him those directions, silently criticizing him because who in their RIGHT MIND asks ME for directions.

He'll walk away, and then I'll hear people whispering, "Wasn't that Adrien Brody?"

And it really WOULD have been Adrien Brody and I wouldn't have realized it, even though we were talking for forty-five seconds.

Mr. Adrien Brody, if you have your name set-up on google alerts and are reading this right now, I definitely hope that one day our paths will cross.

Until then, I'll be mistaking tattooed, average-nosed guys in the street for you...

Diana Rissetto

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