Saturday, April 3, 2010

I feel terrible for Sandra Bullock.


I know I don't know the girl, but doesn't everybody love Sandra Bullock? She's sweet. She's down-to-earth. She's a nice, wholesome girl, just like I am. There's never any bad press about her and, goshdarnit...she gets some of the most appealing costars in the world. (Harry Connick...Aiden Quinn...Chris O'Donnell...Matthew McConaughey...etc...etc...etc...)

How could I NOT feel terrible for her right now? She waited until she was in her 40's until she got married for the first time, she raised her husband's child (because her mom was in prison) and then THIS HAPPENS TO HER?

Poor Sandra indeed.

I found myself repeating the same thing I said when Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's marriage broke-up.

" really should have just married Tate Donovan!"

Dorky, adorable, curly-haired, not-so-famous, pale, Irish, fiddle-playing Tate Donovan.

Sandra Bullock has referred to him as the great love of her life.

Jennifer Aniston was engaged to him and apparently, their relationship ended because he couldn't handle the fact that her career had skyrocketed so far beyond his.

Fast forward ten years, and Jennifer is is Tate...and Sandra just might go in that same direction.

Which leads me to the conclusion that when in doubt...marry Tate Donovan. Sure, he's no Brad Pitt, if you want to get technical, and he's not covered in tattoos and on a show about motorcycles (or whatever Jesse does.)

But, he's still dorky, adorable, curly-haired, not-so-famous, pale, Irish, fiddle-playing Tate Donovan.

Not that I know these people (and I understand that's a HUGE factor) but I really think one of these woman should finally just marry Tate Donovan after all of these years. It would make a fantastic love story. They could play "The Second Time Around" at their wedding.

I just hope Sandra and Jen don't fight over him.

(Disclaimer: This is written about 80% tongue-in-cheek. I swear.)

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