Sunday, March 14, 2010

Broadway bios all have something in common...

...well, about 96% of them do.

They all list some form of Law and Order in them as a credit.

Cheyenne Jackson is not included in that 96%...even though this guy has been working steadily in the Broadway theatre scene for the past eight years and has done numerous television appearances, he is yet to appear on Law and Order.

Tomorrow night at 10PM?

That all changes!

Cheyenne Jackson will guest-star on Law and Order!

I am superproud of my supertall friend.

Diana Rissetto


carolwkelly said...

Your super tall friend was great on Law aNd Order-love him-Finians Rainbow was a dream-now he is going to have a series-my only thought dont type cast yourself as a gay man cause you are a very sexy straight actor also!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic guy !